Manicure of the month of August: summer nails of the stars

pressing Barbie effect it has also invaded the world of nail art by infecting celebrity stars, who certainly haven’t given up on showing themed nails. You see Selena Gomezrecently with a very lively pink manicure, oh Margot Robbiewith a manicure they refused a pink palette, but with abstract drawings in suspension with an outfit for a spark of creativity.

Less bright and definitely softer nude pink Kylie Jenner. Evergreen manicure, one of those that fight against fading and goes with everything, even in summer, the season of flowers par excellence. He cares about surfing on a chromatic wave Iris Low with your favorite mismatched manicure, presented with nails painted in different colors, or kourtney kardashian, seen by the sea with a playful french rainbow manicure.

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Summer touch par excellence? what from hailey bieber, and her nails are adorned with little cherries. If it is true that one thing leads to another, then all that remains is to try them all.

Margot Robbie abstract manicure

Who is better than the main actress of the film Barbie, but could she boast of a manicure in these shades? However, despite the classic pink color, Betina Goldstein created abstract nail art for Margot Robbie, playing with colors of pink, purple, yellow, in suspension with fantasy attire.

Pink manicure Selena Gomez in the style of Barbie

The Barbie effect also infected Selena Gomez. Here she is with a total pink manicure done by her trusted nail artist, Tom Bachik.

Pink Barbie Dua Linden, Double French

Always on the wave of #Barbiecore, here’s the pink French manicure with a white border that Dua Lipa wore to the movie premiere. A creation created by a nail technician Kim Truong.

Manicurist pink coffins Kylie Jenner

Definitely a softer version of Kylie Jenner, who opted for the timeless and always sophisticated nude pink color created for her. Ash Ganzorigt.

Halle Berry star manicure

After quiet luxury, Halle Berry chose a manicure with a transparent slightly pink base, decorated with small colored stars.

Sarah Hyland Glazed Donuts

Very long and very shiny glazed donut-effect nails that went out of style last season but are still trendy. An extreme version with very thin white embellishments created by a celebrity nail artist. Ash Ganzorigt.

Glitter nails Christina Aguilera

The glittery and disco-manic hue comes from the singer, who shows off extra-long nails with a maxi bezel covered in silver glitter.

Hailey Bieber cherry manicure

A decidedly summer proposal from Hailey Bieber, who has archived – just temporarily – her sweetheart glazed nail donutsopted for a jacket with a maxi-milky lunette and a detail in the form of a pair of cherries.

Iris Lowe’s mismatched manicure

It went crazy last year, but so far, manicures with nails dressed in different colors continue to dictate the trend. Here is the model and actress version.

rainbow french manicure kourtney kardashian

Color is the key word for Kourtney Kardashian, who opts for an always playful rainbow manicure.

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