Gwendalina Tavassy, ​​joke and dedication to her boyfriend: “Like Romeo and Juliet…”

groom From Gendalina Tavassi, Frederic Perna, turned 28 years old. For his birthday, the columnist made a secular dedication to him, which excited fans. In fact, in the video they are dancing, smiling and in love, as she spins around the sunset to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”.

“I needed a Salento sunset, your birthday and some Spritz to make you dance like Fred Astaire, but I did it ✌️🕺🏽 How much I love you my heart. Happy birthday,” the 37-year-old wrote on social media. But then a joke that left Federico speechless: that’s what happened.

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Dedication with wonder

The sweet dedication that Gendalina Tavassi made to her boyfriend Federico Perna was followed by an evening in the company of friends, between laughter and games.

On the beautiful blue cake, which stained the teeth and lips of the guests, it was written: “28 years, how you break ka * o”, and in this regard there could not be a surprise.

Federico Pern’s joke

A kiss from the window of a holiday home in Punta Prosciutto, between Taranto and Lecce. Then surprise that left Federico Pern speechless. Distracted by his lover Gwendolyn, he suffered a water balloon that soaked the all-white outfit he wore for his birthday. Immortalized by Instagram stories, Giffina’s ex left him speechless: a birthday he won’t easily forget.

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