Hair: blond to red, cinnamon cookie butter for next fall

cinnamon autumn

It’s called “cinnamon cookie butter” and it’s a trendy color for next fall/winter by celebrity colorist Matt Rez for model Hailey Bieber. A concentrate of spicy and sweet notes, reminiscent of the color of cinnamon, warmed by a hint of gold. Expected success.

Just cinnamon

Pure cinnamon also for Emily Ratajkowski. There, the top model highlights the classic brown color with warm highlights, bringing it to the forehead with a mysterious and sexy fringe.

ginger cinnamon

An orange hue for Megan Fox, who, with her tousled red hair, is making a comeback to captivate fans of the genre. In fact, this isn’t the first time the actress has opted for red to lighten her complexion. This time in a very sweet version: chic and enveloping.

Choco cinnamon

The rich red but always spicy shade chosen by Sophie Turner is reminiscent of a contemporary Jessica Rabbit. A winning combination of warm and vibrant reds fading into chocolate. Repeat due to the cold season.

Honey with cinnamon

Between gold and cinnamon on a natural brown base like Elodie. The singer recently changed her look, opting for lighter and brighter shades with a hint of honey. Risky but successful.

Degrade cinnamon

Among Italian red wines par excellence Рthough not by nature РMiriam Leone diversifies a delicate degrad̩ with spicy notes. Cinnamon, chili, turmeric. The spicy shades that the Sicilian actress chooses to wear during her pregnancy are endless. Summer and delicate red.

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