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Renowned Italian journalist and screenwriter Andrea Purgatori has died today at the age of 70. He wrote the script for “Rubber Wall” and played the lawyer Kalemtsuk in “Boris”.

He died today, July 19, 2023, Andrew Purgatoryjournalist and screenwriter, known for hosting a program on La7 Atlantis and for his accounts of the mysteries of Italy. The journalist died in the morning in a hospital in Rome due to an illness that has worsened in recent days. He was 70 years old. The news of the death was reported by his children Edoardo, Ludovico and Victoria, as well as by the family represented by the Cau law firm.

Andrea Purgatori, who for many years was Corriere della Sera’s correspondent on issues relating to terrorism, intelligence and crime, wrote the screenplay for the film with Rulli and Petraglia. rubber wall Marco Risi dated 1991 and dedicated to the Ustica massacre. The topic of Ustica, which the journalist knew well and to which he devoted most of his reporting.

Also a screenwriting professor and a member of the Academy of Italian Cinema and the European Film Academy, Purgatori has signed scripts for films such as On the dark continent, Fortapask, Judge Boy AND Industrialist; he was also among the authors Fascists on Mars, a series of fake newsreels in which he also worked as a translator alongside Corrado Guzzanti. Among his performances as an actor, it should be remembered that in the series Bad guyas himself, but above all as a cult Borisas the cheerful lawyer Kalemzuk.

In 2010 Andrea Purgatori also contributed to the script Vallanzaska – Evil Angels – a film inspired by the figure of the criminal Renato Vallanzaschi – but then, not recognizing himself in the final result, he decided to withdraw his signature from the credits. Further, in addition to conducting the popular in-depth program Atlantisparticipated as a narrator and fact reporter in a documentary series The Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi.

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