“Rough, paid 8 euros”

History is the opposite. The story with receipts is clearly out of control. And now, after months of arguing with clients, I…





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History is the opposite. Story receipts it’s clearly out of control. And now, after months of arguing with customers, restaurateurs are raising their voices, responding blow after blow. This time the story comes from Genoa. Simone Di Maria, owner restaurant, he posted an outburst on his Facebook profile, referring to an episode that took place in recent days at his pizzeria. His anger is directed at some of the customers, who Leggo said would complain about the cost of dinner by showing the receipt on social media. But what is a restaurateur to do?

Cappuccino without foam, 10 cents on the receipt. Bartender: “I poured more milk”

What the restaurateur said

Simon DiMaria He posted his outburst on Facebook related to receiving and ordering from the trash. After criticism from customers, he decided to let off steam. According to his story, 8 people came in (“2 kids and 6 rude adults, like few others,” he says) and asked for only 3 pizzas for two, and then complained about the total bill of 63 euros. Too much? Here is the restaurateur’s response: “3 pizzas divided into 8 courses, 2 water, 2 soft drinks, 3 beers and 4 coffees. Total costs 63 euros, at a table for 8 people, for dinner at a place where no cover fee is charged. Less than 8 euros per person. Outraged by a check from a restaurant, tell us how a restaurateur should behave in such cases? ”He wrote.

His post was very successful. Among the comments are only people who are on the side of the restaurateur, who went into the details of the order: “Pizza half Margherita (7€) and half Leto (14€) was calculated at 10 as an eggplant, so we round up in the defect. I swear to you that, unfortunately, all this is true!

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