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Summer is a time of carelessness, lightness and serenity. From the geometric shapes of straighter cutouts and fringes, we are moving to more jaunty, scaly and wavy styles: word from Gigi Hadid. Taking to Instagram, the supermodel (who ditched winter bronze to go back to icy highlights) showed off an inspiring hairdo for the upcoming warmer months. Her long, mermaid-like hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, but the real protagonists of the hairstyle are the two side buns that gently rest on her cheekbones to frame and elevate her face. For those who live in eternal uncertainty between bangs or no bangs, this hairstyle is the perfect solution. And it’s also in line with the 2023 hair trends.

Gigi Hadid news: all about hair trends for summer 2023

All this year, the mermaid cries: from fashion to beauty, the main source of inspiration for various summer looks are the mythological creatures of Ancient Greece. For summer 2023, in fact, even fashionable hairstyle trends call for beach waves in the foreground. However, as Chiara Ferragni showed, this year they are a little different from the traditional, in the style of Chanel Totti. From classic flat beach waves, we move on to luxurious waves for lazy girls, more agile, relaxed, fluffy and spread out. The hairstyle was recently adopted by model and sister Bella Hadid, which in this case was styled in a high ponytail. Gigi Hadid now he teaches us how to make the face look its best with this hairstyle, with side buns that enhance the effect, creating a soft frame for the look and smile.

Summer 2023 hair trend: Gigi Hadid’s hair buns frame her face

By framing the face, we usually mean contouring the face with hair. A symbolic example is Dua Lipa, applied to her hair in a two-tone color. But in order to frame the face, give it a natural sculpture and emphasize it, tint or discoloration is not always necessary. In fact, for those who don’t want to make such dramatic changes, 2023 offers the best ideas and options for quick and easy face framing. From the braided model chosen this summer by numerous celebrities, including Valentina Ferragni, to the side bun model by Gigi Hadid. Who, once again, is the mermaid queen.

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