Halle Bailey reflects on racist backlash and Beyonce’s advice

Holly Bailey

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On Tuesday night (October 17), Halle Bailey walked away with the 2023 Gen-Z Game-Changer Award at the Gen-Z Game-Changer Award ceremony. Glamor “Woman of the Year” award ceremony. The event, held at London’s One Marylebone, attracted attention from those “who are truly game-changers in their field and celebrating feminism in all its forms.”

Today (October 18), the publication published a long article by the singer and actress. Among the topics covered, Holly talked about her rise to fame, signing with Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment, working on her solo project, and the realities of being a black woman.

In the middle of the song, the singer spoke about the hatred and racism on the Internet that she had to face before the premiere of the song. Mermaid in May. She subsequently released her debut single “Angel”. The record has been described as a way to “find yourself in this bubble of all these eyes and new opinions.”

“Last November, as I came to terms with the fact that I was performing in front of a new, larger and more expansive audience, I wrote my debut solo single “Angel” as a response to everything I had been through and overcome. I was still getting used to being the center of attention, learning to hold my head up high and ignore any negative things people said about me as part of a racist backlash,” Halle explained.

She continued, “It was truly a love letter to me and all the other black girls and women in the world who felt like outsiders, overwhelmed by so many different opinions of who they were and who they should be. where they should fit.”

Elsewhere in the editorial, Holly reflected on the words of encouragement she and Chloe Bailey received from Mary Mary in 2021. At a Black Music Collective event during Grammy Week, the duo “Shackles” told them, “(You) don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself and God.”

Holly added: “Beyoncé gave us similar advice when we played her some of our early songs. Our sound at the time was more experimental, a mixture of different influences and genres that couldn’t be contained in a box. “The work you do is amazing,” she said. “Don’t worry about trying to fool yourself. The world will have to catch up with you.”

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