Hands Up, Elettra Is Back (And Then Motta, The Weeknd, Omni)

The race for summer 2023 hit titles is getting busy, with New Music Friday after New Music Friday. At the very end of the starting line is Elektra Lamborghini: it is “Money in Alto”, the “Pistolero” 2.0 of the young Bolognese scion, who leads the list of new singles released this Friday. However, where, fortunately, there are not only popular catchphrases: Motta approaches summer, but with “La musica a finita” he naturally takes himself out of the game, as does Omni, the revelation band of the latest edition does. The “X Factor”, who regain their rock attitude. We hear this week’s singles.

Elettra Lamborghini – “Hands Up”

“It’s summer when you steal my heart, hands up”, “No need to be macho, one more kiss is enough for me”. And again: “If you touch me, you fall in love”. With a text like this, even a child from Zecchino d’Oro could sing it: in “Mani in Alto” the “twerking queen” eschews provocations, allusions and double meanings and winks at the young audience. The song is a “pistolero” 2.0 – behind it is the same producer, Riccardo Scire, who two years earlier helped the Bolognese scion win three platinum records for the equivalent of 210,000 copies sold – but more naive, genuine, a refrain faster and with repetition. Baby dance stuff by the pool in the campsite. (mm)

Motta – “The Music Is Over”

The song, produced by Tommaso Coliva, is also the title of her fourth album, which will be released in autumn, when the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will be the protagonist of a club tour, with a show that promises to be an unprecedented live performance. Key. “The Music Is Over” is a fast and rhythmic song reminiscent of some Kanye West productions. It is very different from the first extract “Anime Purse” and showcases the sonic diversity of Motta’s next album. Those who love its rockier and more powerful soul will not be disappointed with this masterpiece. (CC)

The Weeknd, Madonna, Playboi Carti – “Popular”

Eclecticism or horror vacui? In his artistic bulimia, The Weeknd cannot remain still for more than a month.

And so a year after the release of the album “Dawn FM” and three months after the live album “Live at Sophie Stadium,” the Canadian R&B star remains heavily on the scene, as well as a TV series producer and actor. also plays. The Idol, which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, will arrive exclusively on Sky from 5 June. It chronicles the nervous breakdown of a pop star played by Lily-Rose Depp: The Weeknd plays a nightclub manager with a troubled past. The soundtrack, of course, is also signed by The Weeknd, of which “Popular” represents an anticipation: the piece features an 80s look in R&B sauce, and sees the participation of Madonna. The Queen of Pop recites the intro (“I’ve seen the devil / The sunset, everywhere, in every face”) and then confines herself to second voice in the chorus. Was it reasonable to expect anything else? Maybe yes. (MM).

Omni – “Worst Mistake”

The rock revelry of the latest edition of The X Factor doesn’t throw away after talent: “Sabaglio Worse” is inspired by the sound of Turin in the 90s – two members of the trio are Julian and Zac Loggia, sons of guitarist former historical member of the legendary Statuto Alex Loggia – With an energetic rhythm, an obsessive and loud guitar riff and an almost whispering voice in the verses that then explode into the refrain (“You’re my worst mistake / Violent and dirty delusion”: text A sick love story) talks about, marked by misunderstanding and paranoia). The song was recorded and produced by Braille (Iacopo Sinigallia) at White Studio 2.0 in Milan, a triumphant collaboration born during the X-Factor experience. We continue to follow them. (mm)

Miss Keita – “Perfume”

An ironic summer ballad, pleasant to sing along to, with a mellow and peppy rhythm. In a summer full of potential catchphrases arising from the intersection of many voices, Myss focuses on simplicity. There is a sea of ​​quotes: on the one hand “Love Boat”, the eighties theme song sung by Little Tony, on the other Loredana Berthe’s The Moon is Knocking on the Door, Battiato’s Room That Keeps Spinning, the casual Pino D’ The spirit of Angiò and the sparkling greetings of Katuxa Close as a cherry on the cake. (CC)

Separated Twins – “Marrakesh”

After winter single “Torcida,” the duo returns with “Marrakech,” an electro-pop song that seeks to dive into the pool of summer hits. “I hear the bells, they always ring the dawn, the bells of the country, my love, the din dawn… With the sun on my face, but my heart in Marrakech”. Yet another piece designed and manufactured for a specific period of the year. This could have been avoided. (CC)

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