Happy birthday Dua Lipa: what school did she go to?

Today, August 22it’s a birthday Dua Lipa, one of the most popular singers of recent years. He started his career by publishing lids of her favorite songs on YouTube, she is now an accomplished artist and world fame. Author of such hits as New rules AND One kissDua Lipa won three Grammy Awardtwo American Music Awards and well you BRIT Awards.

dua lipa school

British singer is Kosovar Albanian and throughout his career, he has always proudly remembered his origins, which are part of his culture and have undoubtedly influenced his personality and style.

Dua Lipa: passion for music

Dua Lipa was born in 1995 from ethnic Albanian parents who were emigrated from Pristina V England. From an early age, she showed a keen interest in music, which soon proved to be her greatest passion. passion. To send him to the motley musical world was fatherDukajin Lipa, who, before becoming the head of the company, was singer This rock guitarist. It was he who took care of the refinement of the musical tastes of little Dua Lipa, forcing her to listen to such performers as David Bowie, Bob Dylan Hello Police.

Dua Lipa’s Education

The singer’s childhood passed in the London area of ​​Hampstead, where she attendedtheater school Sylvia Young Theater Schoola school where other British artists studied, including Amy Winehouse AND Rita now. Subsequently, the family was forced to return to Pristina for work reasons, and there Dua Lipa visited Mileniumi and Trete private schoolwhere he perfected his skills Albanian who writes and reads well. Five years later she returned to England to continue her studies at Parliament Hill Schoolone London High School for Girls. Parallel to her education, Dua Lipa continued to develop her passion for music and resumed attending Sylvia Young Theater School once a week. Besides, just 16 years the singer found a job model and started working despite the efforts required to research. In fact, the catwalk shows were the perfect opportunity for her to meet the great personalities of the world of show business, and only after she was asked to lose weight in order to continue performing on the catwalk, she quit her job.

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