Harrison Ford’s stunt double sets herself on fire to support actors’ strike

At a protest against producers Mike Massa, who worked with a Hollywood star in Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destinycame on stage in a jacket and pants on fire

understudy Harrison Ford in the latest film about an archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny she set herself on fire during a protest by actors from the Screen Actors Guild, a union that represents over 160,000 performers has been on strike since 13 July against the Film and Television Producers Alliance, the union of producers of the film and television industry. In a video posted on Instagram by a colleague of the stuntman Mike Massa he takes the stage in Atlanta wearing a jacket and pants on fire and raising his fists to the sky, thus reproducing the white silhouette of a man overcome by resentment that appears on a black poster clutched in his right hand. “We are tired of AMPTPreads the caption to the stunt, professionally performed and controlled with fire extinguishers designed to be used in case of danger to the Mass or the public.


Mass protest gesture reached agrees: “The stunt doubles are ready to set themselves on fire rather than being metaphorically burned by the studio.— reads a comment on Instagram. The biggest strike in Hollywood in over 60 years involved not only actors, but writers from the Writers Guild of America, who have joined hands since May 2 to demand better economic conditions and protections regarding streaming and the use of artificial intelligence. “This is a moment in history, a moment of truth: if we don’t hold out now, we will all be in trouble. We are all in danger of being replaced by machines and big companies,” Fran Drescher, president of Sag-Aftra, announced in recent weeks in an impassioned speech on the occasion of the actors’ strike. The protests have led to the closure of most Hollywood productions, and in recent days, one of the highest paid celebrities in the industry Dwayne Johnson The Rock said donated seven figures, the highest ever offered by a single, to support all the artists most affected by the suspension.

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The Rock, a historic donation for a Hollywood actors’ strike.

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