Harrison Ford’s stunt double sets himself on fire during an Actors ‘ Strike rally

He took to the stage in the day of protests and strike action against Hollood She is Harrison Ford’s stunt double who also worked in the last”Indianaones

It’s called Mike Mass and it was the stuntman who worked as Harrison Ford’s stunt double in the last “Indianaones He took to the stage in the day of protests and strike action by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Hollood’s unions, and set himself on fire – in a professional and controlled manner – in protest. In the video, Mike Massa walks the stage back and forth, raises his fist to the sky as it catches fire.


Mike Massa shared the footage in a joint Instagram post with fellow stuntman, another, Elena Sanchez. Their blatant gesture was made against all HolloodOod producers and against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), in a caption. “We are tired of being burned by the AMPTP”, it reads in their message. Applause and support from all the artists and employees present. Also via social, they write that this demonstration serves to make it clear that “it is better to be burned for real than to be burned metaphorically by studies”. And again: “You’re on fire, brother!”.


The actors and performers, with all the workers, of Hollood This strike had as an immediate effect the suspension of all activities of the productions. The president of SAG-AFTR, Fran Drescher, thus announced the beginning of the indefinite strike: “This is a moment in history, a moment of truth: if we don’t hold on now, we’ll all be in trouble. We are all in danger of being replaced by machines and big businesses.”. Among those who supported the protest also Da that he would donate a “seven-figure” amount to the union as a sign of help and respect for all the artists and workers who will be most affected during the strikes.

Christopher Nolan supports actors and screenwriters in the strike: “I will not work on any project”

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