Hasbro Pulse, Marvel Legends series gets richer

Hasbro Pulse introduced new figures from the series Marvel Legends Seriesinspired by the most iconic characters from Marvel Studios films. Figures with cool details and multiple articulations will go on sale in summer 2023 (and some are already available for order).

Hasbro Pulse, Marvel Legends series gets richer

Among the news that have already arrived or will soon appear, find it A thief in law, a tribute to the character’s appearance in the Marvel Studios series Hawkeye, currently streaming on Disney Plus. With exceptional quality and precise design, this action figure is a must-have for Marvel action figure collectors. Available from summer 2023.

All the benefits of the Disney+ world are here

Gamora from What If…? shows an alternate and interesting version of the character played by Zoe Saldana in live action and beautifully drawn in the animated series. Available from summer 2023.

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Nick Fury from Secret Invasion comes straight from the latest Marvel series released exclusively on Disney+. With the attention to detail and quality typical of the Marvel Legends series, this figure will be a valuable addition to collectors. Especially if you add it from Talos, Skrull Warriorshowing both alien and human forms.

Instead, it comes from WandaVision. Agatha Harkness, which in addition to emotions gave us one of the most beautiful songs in the MCU. Here we find the character in all his bewitching power.

Connoisseurs will certainly appreciate. Goliath from What if…?a character that fully demonstrates your knowledge of the Marvel world, if well displayed on a shelf at home or next to a comic in the House of Ideas.

In the end, Elena Belova as we saw her in the Disney+ series Hawkeye, played by Florence Pugh. With thoughtful details and a dynamic design, this action figure will also be available in Summer 2023.

If you love the MCU and figurines, you can count on the Hasbro Pulse. Where you can find a lot of really cool figurines: Here are all the others we’ve been talking about in recent months.


Hasbro Marvel Legends Series The Stain 15 Piece Action Figure Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Part One) 5 Accessories

  • 6″ ADULTS 6″ COLLECTIBLE FIGURE WITH SPIDER: The Spot appears in Marvel Legends with this premium 6″ action figure inspired by the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Part One).
  • INSPIRED BY SPIDER-MAN: THROUGH THE SPIDER-VERSE PART ONE: This Marvel Legends The Blur action figure features decor inspired by his appearance in the movie.
  • PREMIUM DETAILS AND ARTICULATION: Marvel Legends Series The Blur figure is highly articulated, perfect for display or play, and features iconic Spider-Verse-inspired details and embellishments.
  • SPIDER LOOKS: This Marvel Legends The Blur action figure features the original stand and portal accessories so fans and collectors can imagine Miles Morales poking his head and arm through The Blur’s portals.
  • MARVEL UNIVERSE 6 CM SCALE. Look out for other Marvel-inspired Hasbro Marvel Legends Series action figures (Other figures sold separately, subject to availability)

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