Young people at Youth Festival 2023 and Expo Tattoo Contreras en la Piel

In an atmosphere of camaraderie and enthusiasm for reggae music, Youth Day 2023 and Expo tattoo designs on skin The second edition saw a massive participation of more than 8,000 young people from Contreras and other cities during the two-day event, full of music, creativity and artistic expression.

The 2023 Youth Festival and Contreras en la Piel Tattoo Fair, organized by the current government, more than doubled the number of participants compared to last year, with 3,000 young people, proving to be a platform to promote the arts and culture of local, national and international youth.

At the event’s closing ceremony, Mayor Luis Gerardo “El Güero” Quijano noted that both events held at the Magdalena Contreras “El Águila” Cultural Forum showcased The various manifestations and dynamism of youth.

He said it was inspiring to see more than 6,000 young people exploring the art of tattooing and enjoying music in all its manifestations, which is why he hopes next year’s Tattoo Festival and Tattoo Expo will triple and become a legacy of Contrera Youth for Mexico City. all youth services.

Mayor Luis Gerardo “El Güero” Quijano emphasized that the Tattoo Expo is already a benchmark, with more than one tattoo artist participating, from 30 last year to 99 in these two days, 27 of them from Contreras, 9 The people were from Colombia, 4 from Argentina, and 3 from the United States.

The Mayor emphasized that the Tattoo Expo gives young people the opportunity to meet and network with talented tattoo artists, learn about new techniques and witness live demonstrations of skin art.

He asserts that there is a taboo and a bad stigma about tattooing and stresses the importance of events such as tattoo expos where information is provided so that young people decide to tattoo with knowledge and responsibility, and with true art. together with the experts.

During the event, a competition was also organized to award the best tattoo artists in the black and gray, full color, new trends and new traditional categories. The jury consisted of two Mexican tattoo artists and two Colombian tattoo artists.

At the 2023 Youth Fair, nine civic associations participated in various booths offering HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis testing and even distributing condoms. In addition, workshops are held on topics as diverse as gender diversity, how to take care of yourself, health responsibilities, job placement and art exhibits.

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