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Photos from the set of the new Snow White were leaked yesterday, which also show a new version – diverse in height, gender and ethnicity – of the seven dwarfs. The photos sparked heated discussion and controversy on social media.

There are a few controversies that accompany these hours of photos leaked yesterday from the shoot of the new one. snow White, a live-action adaptation of the classic Disney cartoon. In the new images, in addition to the main character and the prince (in fact, they are not played by actors Rachel Zegler and Andrew Burnup, but understudies), you can see Seven gnomes, in a version clearly different from the classic cartoon version and iconography. In fact, the seven characters clearly differ in height, gender, and ethnicity.

Posted a photo first daily mail, who gave his article a decidedly polemical tone, speaking of an “awakened culture” and “seven politically correct comrades” instead of dwarfs. Disney, for its part, has clarified that these are not official production photos, but paparazzi shots; however, the studio confirmed that the appearance of gnomes would be studied to avoid stereotyping, and that they would be magical creatures (with important digital input in post-production) rather than humans.

Pictured is the new Snow White.
Photo of the new film adaptation of “Snow White”.
Photo of the seven dwarfs in the new Snow White
Photos of the seven dwarfs from the new film adaptation of “Snow White”

In order not to reinforce the stereotypes present in the original film, we took a different approach to these seven characters.”This was announced by the representative of the studio. “taking advice from members of the dwarfing community. We intend to share more information once the film enters production after a long development period.”.

The Daily Mail article predictably caused a firestorm of controversy on social media, among users who were outraged by the changes in the characters’ appearance, and others who, especially those in the conservative sphere, opposed Disney, which they always say they are more dominate. “awakened culture”. A controversy that is likely destined to continue in the coming months, similar to what happened with the recent live-action adaptation Mermaidplayed by actress Halle Bailey.

New release date snow White currently scheduled for March 22, 2024.

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