“Hate has become a requirement”


One of Steven Spielberg’s favorite themes isanti-Semitism, as also demonstrated by his new film The Fabelmans. According to his recent statements, the director is concerned by theI hate that it gets further and further within society towards Jewish people.

I find it amazing” he has declared Spielberg in an interview with The Late Show. “Anti-Semitism has always been there, or it was just around the corner, a little hidden but still lurking, or still blatant (as in the case of Germany in the 1930s). But it’s not since 1930s Germany that I’ve stopped seeing such operations, but since when Hitler and Mussolini clamored to challenge them. I have never experienced such a thing in my life especially in this country“. And he’s not the only one who thinks this way: Natalie Portman is against Kanye West, due to growing anti-Semitism.

He then continued: “Somehow, the marginalization of people who are not part of a majority race has been creeping in for years and years… Hatred almost seems like a requirement for membership in a cluba group that has gained far more members than expected from America“. To express his hope for the future, however, the director concluded on a positive note: “Quoting Anne Frank, I think she is absolutely right when she thinks most people are good. Essentially, in our hearts we notice a deep kindness and empathy“.

To learn more about how the director deals with the subject in his films, here is the review by The Fabelmans.

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