Liam Hemsworth denounces Miley Cyrus: it’s all Flowers’ fault

The era of Wrecking ball and to cry over a broken love today Miley Cyrus she is more sure than ever that the cause of the end of her marriage with Liam Hemsworth it was not his mistakes, but the alleged ones betrayals by the Australian actor. That spelled it out well in a song, Flowers, released a few weeks ago and has already racked up millions of plays. The lyrics of the song are extremely eloquent and express all the strength of a woman who, even alone, is able to be happy and satisfied relying only on her own strength and on her own person-“i can buy myself flowers”, Clearer than that! However, the song’s video features an even clearer subtext on the message that Miley wanted to launch – not too much – implicitly.

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Liam Hemsworth sues Miley Cyrus: Flowers and cheating allegations

The passage that so infuriated Hemsworth is a reworking of the text by When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars, a love song that the actor had dedicated to Miley and that they had danced together at their wedding. Soon after the song’s release, theories began to circulate about all the alleged ones betrayals by Liam who contributed to destruction of their marriage in just 8 months like a wrecking ball- to continue with the metaphors taken from Miley’s songs. Indeed, in the video of the song, many have noticed that the gold sequin dress worn by the singer as she dances and frolics alone in the house they bought together, it would be very similar to the one worn by the actress Jennifer Lawrence during the premiere of Hunger Games, a film in which Lawrence and Hemsworth were impossible lovers, but perhaps not so impossible in reality. This veiled reference – but not too much – immediately launched the scoop according to which Hemsworth during the promotion tour of Hunger Games would cheat on Miley with Jennifer; this theory has never been confirmed, but the clothes speak for themselves…

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Miley Cyrus Flowers Liam Hemsworth: cheating allegations could land the singer in court for defamation

All these little not too implicit references to the married life of the two really infuriated Hemsworth who would be running for cover, to protect his reputation put in the pillory and at the mercy of the whole world, preparing a defamation complaint against his ex-wife. Nothing is certain yet, however rumors close to the actor would have confirmed his intention to proceed legally. Engaged in the new season of The Witcher, in which he will take the place of Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt of Rivia, Liam wants to protect himself and above all protect his working career – never end up like Brad Pitt or some other Hollywood husband with some skeletons in the closet. By now we know that star weddings are made of betrayals, secrets and legal agreements but this, if the judicial proceeding is ever finalized, has every aspiration and ambition to become the worthy heir to the clamorous case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard– hopefully without severed fingers and weird sludge on the bed.

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