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ghost house (2023): A reboot of the movie starring Eddie Murphy from the now distant 2003. A very similar setting, but a completely different cast and full of stars, is in theaters from August 23, 2023 thanks to The Walt Disney Company..

Close to Residents of New Orleans sometimes there is a large colonial-style mansion, long abandoned before it was bought Cells (Rosario Dawson)a doctor in New York who decides to momentarily change her life by turning an old house into a bed and breakfast.

One day she came there with her very young son Travis (Chase W. Dillon) he immediately understands that mold and cobwebs are not the main problem in repairs … it’s a house full of ghosts and a graveyard in the yard.

At first they think running away is the solution, but when they realize that ghosts followed them even to the Big Apple…then you’ll have to solve the problem upstairs with a special command”ghost hunter“.

Thus, the house will become even more crowded thanks to Father Kent (Owen Wilson)scientist Bruce Davis (Danny DeVito)average Harriet (Tiffany Haddish) and especially Ben Mattias (LaKeith Stanfield), a guide from New Orleans, although he was a paranormal scientist in the past. Will they be able to drive the ghosts out of the house together?

What Works at the Haunted House (2023)

You say ghost house and beyond Rides are present in various amusement parks (including those present in Disney theme parks) the first thought naturally comes to the film released exactly 20 years ago, with Eddie Murphy hero.

Two decades later, a reboot comes after a project that failed in the bud that included such a big deal as Guillermo del Toro directing, directing Justin Simienyoung Texan in his third feature film.

What has changed since 2003because at first glance it may seem that this is a big restructuring similar in geographic location and architectural style home, apart from the presence of African American actors among the goodies and a woman’s face in one large crystal ball?

At first plotvery different from what was written in 2003 David Berenbaum notwithstanding the general framework outlined above: because the first feature film was one of classic eddie murphy movies for which many viewers feel strong nostalgia, this is one of those often fantastic adventures born of small problems in the familywith an ending that results in the protagonist often becoming alienated from work or simply becoming too selfish towards others to find himself and the important things to live for.

This new story, written by the screenwriter, also features a few family issues. Katie Dippoldand some of them are even particularly dramatic, such as those associated with Ben Matiasbut the biggest news is that after Jungle Cruisein a large part of the feature film it’s like Disneylandbecause thanks to a series of visual and special effects, the viewer will see how these new translators run around the house, escaping from ghosts, remembering exactly wall and floor movements of various haunted mansionsand, of course, a little more myth about scooby doo when you need to go from one door to another.

Choice moving the story to the same historical period as the film’s release is another common point with 2003, and today it’s more accurate than ever.to avoid the historical-socio-geographic coercion so popular in Hollywood today.

Last but not least, the difference from the situation twenty years ago is number of great protagonistssome of them are very well known and important, as we have seen in the short description, to which are added other large shots of the caliber Jamie Lee Curtis (Madame Leota), Winona Ryder (Pat) and Jared Leto (Krump): this explains the reason for the extra half hour of viewing compared to a movie with Eddie Murphyto be able to provide suitable space for everyone, especially the legendary Danny DeVitowhich, unfortunately, for the first time in decades, no longer has a voice George Lopez in the Italian version, given the latter’s premature death.

A very heavy legacy, fortunately collected on a grand scale by another legend of our departments, that is Marco Metetherefore able to revive the magic of interpretation by Giorgio and the original DeVito.

Why not watch the Haunted House (2023)

Movie theaters and attractions of Disneyland parks, this time will be better? It is legitimate to wonder if this cast and the associated production costs could be profitable for the House of Mickey Mouse precisely because the precedents are not at all rosy: only saga of the pirates of the caribbean it has always been an economic success.

Land of Tomorrow, Jungle Cruise AND Village Bears – Fabulous have been failures in the past, and ghost house 2003 he nearly lost at the box office.

This new film cost over $157 million to produce: maybe too much to risk a big screenespecially if you think that a film on a similar theme (albeit decidedly for adults) will be liked Insidious – Red Door it cost only 16 million, despite the fact that the reboot is certainly not the best business card for a viewer who is eager to see original stories in the cinema.

The film will hit theaters on August 23 with Disney.

Director: Justin Simien WITH: Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Kurt Hue, Chase W. Dillon, Antonino Paone Year: 2023 Duration: 123 minutes Village: USA Distribution: Walt Disney

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