This is Kendall Jenner’s post-holiday detox centrifuge recipe.

Cleansing the body after the summer, a period of rest and (deserved) gluttony, is a necessity for many. Born of the desire to replenish a balanced diet in the post-holiday phase, to eat healthier and more balanced, meals rich in fruits and vegetables, and therefore vitamins, mineral salts and other useful active ingredients, translates into a search for easy recipes and fasts for deep detoxification of the body. One of the favorites of the stars is undoubtedly La centrifuge, a drink made from the juice of various ingredients, which can be drunk in the morning or during the day during a break dedicated to well-being. To offer one detox remineralizing option perfect for a return Kendall Jenner which, in a story shared on Instagram, immortalizes chopped and peeled ingredients on a wooden cutting board.

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News Kendall Jenner, Centrifuge Recipe Post-Holiday Detox

Although not particularly familiar with knives and stoves (how can I forget the anecdote with a cucumber in Kardashianwhich also inspired her Halloween dress in 2022), the 27-year-old model, who is at the center of gossip about her relationship with Big Bunny today, appears to have stepped into the kitchen to at least prepare a good detox centrifuge.

Whether you or your personal chef has been cleaning and cutting the ingredients on your cutting board, you need to know what vegetables and fruits are used to make the perfect detox extract to bring back from vacation. As you can see from the picture posted on social media, the recipe calls for 3 carrots, 6 celery stalks, 1 orange, 1 radish and a few drops of fresh turmeric root in the centrifuge. By combining these elements, you get a compound rich in vitamin C, minerals and fiber, which promotes intestinal and immune system health, as well as guarantees good urine output and a long feeling of satiety.

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