“He didn’t invite my fiancee.” But he was her school bully

wedding this is one of the happiest days for one pair who loves himself, looks forward to the arrival and carefully and carefully considers the preparations. But what if the sister wifeand bridesmaidrefuses to attend the wedding because the bride refused to invite her groom?

The most important day of the bride could indeed be compromised. Let’s find out what happened and the reason for not being invited.

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A wife decided not to invite wedding groom from sisterand bridesmaid because the boy in question was one of the bullies who teased and abused her in high school because she was “ugly and fat”.

“I tried to explain the situation to my sister, but she didn’t want to hear anything about it. I warned her to be careful because he is a mean and cruel boy, but she said that she felt much better. Cute about me and that she will never be offended by her boyfriend, because she is his prototype of the ideal girl, ”the bride admitted with tears.

She said that her school years were the worst of her life, and that the main reason was the boy who now hugs and cuddles his sister: “He destroyed adolescence and now wedding“.

Thus, marriage is in the balance due to this behavior of the sister of the bride, who does not want to understand anxiety who is trying.

Last updated: Wednesday, September 6, 2023 4:43 PM.


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