He gave Lionel Messi a churro and now he has the chance of a lifetime: he will try himself in the great Argentina

Juan Pablo Roman He is undoubtedly a lucky man: after a serious car accident, he took the dough sticks to Lionel Messi In four months it will be independent.

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About a year and a half ago, the 18-year-old crashed his motorcycle while at work: he is in intensive care for head injuries caused by a collision with a truck. As a Rosario Central fan, he played poorly but was not successful as a player.

One afternoon in June, Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo ordered three dozen churros from a store in Funes. Juanpi delivered the order himself, unaware that he was going to Home of the best football players in the world.

Although he defines this day as the most incredible of his life, now he has a new opportunity: Independiente sporting secretary Esteban Sáenz Rico, He proposed to test it with Hugo Tocalli Gauge his level and evaluate whether he can join the Rojo team.

in the program Playing with Street Dogs in UrbanaAndy Kusnetsov built a bridge between the club and the youngster: in fact, he took a moment to say some kind words to him and wish him good luck.

The lucky one: He gave Messi a fritter and now he's just one step away from Independiente

A lucky man: he brought you fritters to Messi and now he is just one step away from Independiente. (Photo: Reuters/Thomas)

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