Ten simple tips to make your house look bigger

Ten simple tips to make your house look biggerfree drawing

when brand new addressbig or small, in the first few years we had a feeling amplitude gets diluted over time. The house is filled with useful and necessary things, but also other completely unnecessary things that enliven the environment and the space.

enjoy a home Clean, tidy and spacious will directly affect your healthy with you inside moodbut while the first two aspects are up to you, the size of your apartment or house is what they are.

please remember, Minimalism It’s stylish and less is more.Since we all want to live in a big house, but this is not always possible, consider Colors, materials, finishes and lighting Staff can help you make it visually larger.Below we show you Top 10 Strategies You can adopt it to make your home look larger.

1-Light color. Painting walls and ceilings in light and neutral colors gives a larger feeling of spaciousness and light compared to downsizing in dark and bright tones. White is the color of light par excellence, and in addition to creating an environment that exudes calm and relaxation, you will achieve a greater optical effect.

White walls give a feeling of spaciousness.

2- There is no door. If we have a small space, the best solution is to remove the doors when they are not needed. Merging several rooms, such as the hall, living room and kitchen, and eliminating doors will provide your house with greater spaciousness. If you want to keep them, choose white and glossy ones so you can trick the eye and get a greater sense of space. Sliding doors are also a good option for apartments with small spaces. In the case of bathrooms, if the area is small, a shower curtain will further reduce the space, so the best option is a glass or mirrored screen.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same space without doors.

3-Continuous floor. Keeping the same type of flooring in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen and bathrooms, will make the surface area appear larger. It’s also important to choose furniture with light, thin legs, because the more of the floor you can see, the more spacious it will feel.

Placing the same floor throughout the house will give a sense of continuity.

4-Strategic Mirror. Placing mirrors in strategic locations can give you the illusion of extra space. They can be standing, wall-mounted or integrated into furniture. If you can face them outside, you’ll increase light and make the house appear larger.

Round mirror for multifunctional area.

5-Multifunctional furniture. Choosing versatile, versatile, convertible and stackable furniture that meets all your needs while taking up as little space as possible will save you several metres. Use items that have built-in storage or can be folded to free up space when not in use. A trunk that doubles as a side table, such as a coffee table, sofa bed or footrest, are all great options.

The trunk serves as a coffee table.

6- Curtains and lightweight textiles. Choosing lightweight curtains and lightweight fabrics can make your windows appear larger and allow more natural light in.

Thin curtains allow light to pass through more easily.

7- Small and well-proportioned furniture. It is recommended to choose only the furniture that is absolutely necessary to allow you to move around the house comfortably and go from one room to another without any obstacles. They should be small and proportional to the available space to prevent the room from looking cluttered. You must measure your furniture carefully because furniture that looks small in a store may look large at home.

A minimalist bedroom equipped with the bare essentials.

8-Adequate lighting. You must have adequate and carefully distributed lighting to make the house feel more open and welcoming. If size works against you, then using intensity and projecting light into specific areas will work to your advantage. Corded design lights can also help free up visual space, allowing you to see the lights when they’re not on.

The living room has cozy lighting.

9-Materials. Stainless steel or aluminum and glass or crystal for doors and partitions, as well as the use of wood or natural fibers, especially in furniture, will give the room a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Glass and metal doors separate the rooms.

10- Utilize traffic areas or lost space. Making your hallway a functional library allows you to brighten up other rooms in the house and makes the hallway a less boring space. Placing a custom-made shelf on the stairs or under or around the window will also help us to clear a few meters for those items that are always at hand. In addition, if the bookcase is geometric in shape, it will give a sense of order.

Shelves allow you to make the most of the space in your aisle area.

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