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Google, which has had issues with more than 300 media organizations in Canada, Australia and European Union countries within the scope of digital copyright law, continues to reach agreements with one country after another. Under the latest agreement, Google will pay approximately $74 million to digital publishers in Canada each year.

Speaking about this problem to Posta.com.tr’s Omer Faruk Ekinci, lawyer Kursat Ergun, president of the Information Technology Law Association, said media organizations were harmed because Internet users accessed news from the search engine instead of the website. “Especially in countries where The European Union and Canada, after establishing regulations on this issue in relevant countries, visited Google. He said: “When Google failed to get around these laws, it had to reach an agreement with countries.”

“Administrative fines on the agenda”

Ergun pointed out that the relevant regulation will be a regulation aimed at preventing the use of news produced in Turkey by Google or any other international search engine without paying royalties. Noting that the regulation will help news centers in matters such as news creation and promotion, Ergun said it will be seen that news produced is also rewarded in the digital environment.

Lawyer Kurshat Ergun, head of the Information Technology Law Association, said that with the regulation in place, Google should be forced to sit at the table, as is the case in European Union countries and other countries that have reached an agreement. He said: “Turkey is trying to solve copyright problems through a law.” Intellectual and artistic works so far. He said, “It turns out that this law is not suitable for digital use and is insufficient because it is outdated.” Arjun stated that if an agreement is not reached with Google, administrative fines may be on the agenda.

France is an example in digital copyright law

Pointing to France as an example of administrative fines, lawyer Ergun said: “Google had to accept the agreement to avoid paying a price tag of 500 million euros in France.” “I believe that the agreement will be accepted by reaching a common point, as is the case with other countries, as the penalty that will be paid if the use of these contents continues without reaching an agreement will be much higher than the agreement amount,” Arjun said.

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