Health authorities rule out China pneumonia epidemic hiding a new disease

the authorities China They said on Saturday Increase in respiratory diseases In the country, it is caused by a known pathogen, and No signs of new disease Contagious.

Mi FengOfficials from China’s National Health Commission told a news conference that the outbreak occurred as the country faces its first full winter since the lifting of strict Covid-19 restrictions.

this World Health Organization (WHO) Citing a report last week requesting information group Undiagnosed pneumonia in children.

In response, Chinese health authorities reported More pediatric clinics will be openedthey will try their best to ensure that more elderly people and children receive Flu vaccine and will encourage people Intensify caresuch as wearing a mask and washing hands frequently.

In this sense, Chinese doctors and some foreign experts They didn’t express shock about these outbreaks. To reassure people around the world, they explained that many other countries have seen similar increases in respiratory illnesses after lifting anti-epidemic measures, which China did only late last year.

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