“Just a doll.” A photo of a newborn baby has shocked the world and angered Israel

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In the last few hours, a photo of the Palestinian newborn, Muhammad Hani Al-Zahar, has taken over millions of social media sites.

The sight of a five-month-old son carrying a lifeless body with his eyes open and his little mouth open, while his grandfather sometimes carried him and his shocked mother sometimes praised him, shook the whole world.

However, many Israeli social media accounts, some of them official, questioned the photo and said the little girl was “just a doll.”

But the funeral videos that later spread, as well as international news agencies documenting the funeral scenes and the child’s body, prompted those sarcastic Israeli reports to retreat.

The “Israel” account linked to the Israeli government on Platform X, for example, deleted its post.

Similarly, some Israeli media published a photo of Muhammad, questioning its authenticity, only to later publish an apology, including the Jerusalem Post.

Muhammad Al-Zahar was killed on the first of this month, in an Israeli raid that targeted residential houses in Deir al-Balah, in the Gaza Strip, after the collapse of the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas.

It is interesting to note that since the outbreak of the bloody war in Gaza on October 7, many scenes described as provocative have spread, both through reports from Israeli influencers who mocked the suffering of the Gaza population and who questioned the number of deaths. which fell following violent Israeli raids or through statements by Israeli officials and ministers. She has been described as racist.

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