Health centers in the Canary Islands will no longer make masks mandatory this Friday as flu and COVID-19 rates fall

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EFE) – The Canarian government will this Friday withdraw the mandatory use of face masks in health centers that has been in place since January 9 due to the rising incidence of acute respiratory diseases, as announced by consultants Provisions. Esther Monzón, the region’s director.

He explained that the decision, which will be adopted in a directive issued this Thursday, comes after a sustained reduction in these conditions was recorded over the past two weeks.

In fact, he highlighted that the incidence rate before Christmas was 1,200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but now it is 800 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Monzon believes the decline is largely due to an increase in vaccinations in recent weeks.

At a news conference, Monzon took stock of the evolution of surgery waiting lists, professional consultations and diagnostic tests, and in response to reporters’ questions, he mentioned the discomfort of so-called “exercise prescriptions.”

To these professionals, the District Health Department’s plan to allow primary care physicians to prescribe physical activity to patients who need it is an attack on a group they know it is.

In this regard, Monzon assured that we will continue to have this important team of professionals who will continue to intervene in rehabilitation and that this service will not disappear.

The consultant noted that the new service, established in the current legislation, is intended to provide physical activity prescriptions for specific groups of people who require physical activity, such as patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

He clarified that people with musculoskeletal conditions will continue to receive treatment from physiotherapists.

Esther Monzón also stressed that the stabilization process launched to consolidate some 20,000 SCS jobs will provide a higher quality of care in the various centers, where the majority of those affected by this process are already working and, if necessary, will extend. There was a problem or crash in file reception on December 31 this year.

In order to avoid this situation, since last Sunday a computer application similar to the one set up by the Andalusian Health Service has started to be used by doctors, and the different professional categories affected by this process (up to 175) will Follow the application. Designed to “build personal loyalty.”Effie

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