(Video) Nadia Ferreira’s Husband Gets Together with Sports Bigs!

(Video) Nadia Ferreira's Husband Gets Together with Sports Bigs!

Marc Anthony faces Rafael Nadal on the phone. (Photo: hola.com)

Nadia Ferreira’s son Marc Anthony caused a stir yesterday with a video call with famous tennis player Rafael Nadal and Yankees football player Tom Brady.

Also on the video call were baseball player Paul Pogba and DJ Steve Aoki, who are also team owners of the inaugural Electric Boat Racing Championship.

The video shows Brady, Anthony, Nadal, Steve Aoki, Paul Pogba and others discussing their teams and joking. “Guys, I know you’re all great champions,” Brady said. “But you know what? It doesn’t matter because we know who’s going to win this game. “Team Brady, let’s go! “The Yankees put him down.

“My team is training like beasts, so we will be ready!” Nadal said. “I saw you there!”

Team owners name their teams based on their location or last name. For example, Marc Anthony is for Miami, Tom Brady is for Team Brady, and Nadal is for Team Nadal. All teams will compete in the Electric Rowing Championship, a new format of racing taking place in some of the most luxurious locations in the world.

This year’s E1 Series Championship will be held in multiple locations, with the first round taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on February 2-3. Other locations include Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, Netherlands, China and more.

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