Heidi Klum raises concerns over ‘disgusting’ injury she suffered on set of AGT spin-off as star screams ‘It’s burning like hell’

HEIDI Klum has caused concern after suffering a serious injury while filming the America’s Got Talent spin-off.

The 50-year-old model showed off a large gash on her leg after falling on the set of AGT: Fantasy League on Sunday.

Heidi Klum has sparked concern after revealing an injury she suffered while filming the America’s Got Talent spin-off.Credit: Instagram/howiemandel
The 50-year-old model suffered a large gash on her leg after falling on the set of AGT: Fantasy League on Sunday.Credit: Instagram/Heidiklum

Heidi posted a video of her leg being lifted into someone’s lap while a doctor cleaned the wound.

“It doesn’t look too bad,” said a medic wearing white latex gloves.

He then squeezed the wounds, causing Heidi to cry out in pain.

“Why do you have to squeeze it like that, Doctor?” asked the AGT judge.

“I’m closing it,” he replied.

The next video Heidi uploaded showed a close-up of the same cut on her leg, but now the doctor was wiping it off with ointment.

“This is disgusting,” the star screamed.

Then the doctor said, “I’m giving you one that won’t give you the same effect as the other iodines because I feel good.”

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Heidi was upset and said: “Are you kidding me, this is burning like hell!” while gasping for breath.

She added: “It doesn’t hurt, it just stings.”


A later video shows the doctor applying a gel that is supposed to prevent severe scarring, but he said Heidi “will have a scar” on her leg.

The latest video, released by the judge on Sunday evening, shows her lying in bed talking to husband Tom Kaulitz, 34, while lying in bed watching TV.

Fans could see her bandaged leg, which she held above the sheet.

Fellow judge Howie Mandel, 67, also posted video of the accident on his Instagram.

While filming himself, he said, “We’re live on the set of AGT Fantasy League.”

He then turned the camera to 48-year-old Mel B, who said: “She just fell,” and pointed to Heidi, who was propping up her leg while the doctor spoke to her.

Howie, wearing a gray suit and white hat, turned the camera on himself and said: “Heidi Klum just fell.”

Mel, wearing a sheer gold dress, said: “There’s blood everywhere!”


Fans rushed to the comments to share their concerns.

“She’s fine, I’m sad for her,” one fan wrote, while another added: “Oh my god, get well Heidi.”

One concerned fan commented: “I was there! It was scary!!!”

Another simply wrote: “Oops.”

It comes after Heidi showed off her toned body, giving fans a sneak peek at AGT: Fantasy League.

The star, dressed in a tight pink dress, danced in front of the audience while standing behind the panel of judges.

Heidi will be joined on the spin-off by fellow judges Howie, Simon Cowell and Spice Girls’ Mel B, who will replace Sofia Vergara.

Four judges will select a list of their favorite acts they have seen in the long-running competition series around the world, as voted on by fans.

Adrian Stoica and his dog Hurricane won the last season of the competition.

She shared a close-up of the wound on her leg.Credit: Instagram/Heidiklum
Mel B said, “There’s blood everywhere”Credit: Instagram/howiemandel
Heidi is a judge on the spin-off alongside Simon Cowell, Mel B and Howie Mandel.1 credit

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