Heidi Klum raises concerns over ‘disgusting’ injury she suffered on set of AGT spin-off as star screams ‘It’s burning like hell’

HEIDI Klum has caused concern after suffering a serious injury while filming the America’s Got Talent spin-off. The 50-year-old model showed off a large gash on her leg after falling on the set of AGT: Fantasy League on Sunday. Heidi Klum has sparked concern after … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Year of Hell: From Fan Backlash to Ex Kanye West’s Wrath as She Turns 43

KIM Kardashian has had an eventful year and has overcome many obstacles that have been reported in the press. With Kim’s 43rd birthday approaching, it’s only fitting to celebrate all the trials and tribulations the Hulu star has gone through since turning 42. The 42nd … Read more