Heidi Klum shows off her amazing curves in a tight pink dress while filming the AGT spin-off without Sofia Vergara

HEIDI Klum showed off her impressive curves again, this time while filming the America’s Got Talent spin-off.

The 50-year-old took to Instagram to show off her toned body while giving fans a sneak peek at the upcoming series.

Heidi Klum flaunted her stunning curves while filming the next film, America’s Got Talent.Photo: Instagram/heidiklum
The famous model will be joined by Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and returning judge Mel B.Photo: Instagram/heidiklum
The show’s spin-off, Fantasy League, will debut in 2024.Photo: Instagram/Heidi Klum

In the clip, the famous model swayed her hips as she narrowly avoided a major wardrobe malfunction in her tight pink dress.

With the audience behind him, Heidi stood in her usual spot behind the AGT panel, where she was last seen during the show’s finale, where Adrian Stoica and his dog Hurricane took home the top prize.

However, the TV personality will soon be returning to the small screen as she is currently starring in the franchise’s newest spin-off, AGT: Fantasy League.

Heidi will be joined by fellow judges Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Spice Girls’ Mel B, who will replace Sofia Vergara.

The spin-off will see four judges select a list of their favorite artists they’ve seen in the long-running competition series around the world, as voted on by fans.

These will include previous winners, runners-up, artists that have gone viral, and even fan favorites.

Filmed a little behind-the-scenes clip from the spin-off earlier this week with Howie and Mel B.


In the video, the Project Runway alum wore the same figure-hugging pink dress with glam makeup.

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Heidi even included a cat filter in the clip, which added ears and an animal nose to her face.

Heidi and Mel B, 48, posed for the clip but were quickly interrupted by Howie, 67, who could be heard in voiceover saying: “I feel like a third wheel. I don’t know why I feel left out…”

However, Heidi pointed her phone at the famous comedian, who was sitting on a grab box next to them.

“Oh, thank you,” he whispered, making a face at the camera as the cat filter hit his own, causing Mel B to laugh out loud.

The show, set to debut in 2024, is currently filming episodes as Heidi was spotted on set earlier this week.

Heidi turned heads in a red blazer dress with a matching bag, heels and sunglasses.


While Howie and her judges are back in AGT mode, the same can’t be said for supermodel’s everyday friend Sofia, 51.

During the final episode of AGT, host Terry Crews informed fans that the Modern Family alum would not be part of the next installment of the show.

“Sorry, Sophia, you can’t join,” Terry, 55, said at the time.

Sofia pouted and shared: “I know! I had other things to do! But I’ll leave you in good hands, I’ve found the perfect replacement,” before viewers learned Mel B would intervene.

Mel B is no stranger to reality television, having previously judged seasons 8 through 13.

The artist previously told Extra about her return: “I think I just knocked on the door for too long, they were like, ‘Okay, we’ll let her in, we’ll let her back in.’

“I was asked. I thought, “Yeah, who wouldn’t want to join this show?” – she added.

The 50-year-old was spotted on set earlier this week wearing a sexy red blazer dress.1 credit
Sofia Vergara, a longtime AGT judge, will not be part of this fantasy.1 credit
– I had other things to do! Sofia revealed the reason for her non-participation in the spin-offCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

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