Hellraiser (2022) – Review of David Bruckner’s Reboot

Riley (Odessa Ezion) is a toxic who has been battling drug addiction for months and lives in the home of brother matt (Brandon Flynn). Tired of always being broken, the girl convinced her boyfriend Trevor (Drew Starkey) to make a Theft: By forcing a safe inside a container, the couple take possession of a mysterious item cube of parentage,

Attracted by the curious artifact, Riley becomes aware of the presence moving parts which changes its shape, and after solving a first puzzle breaks a blade which leaves him miraculously safe, but also creates a creepy “Cenobites” monsters, he will find that cube mutation disastrous situation has arisen chain reaction where terrible creatures will always claim more blood and sacrificial victims At the time of “The Last Gift”.

This is not Clive Barker…

In 1987 clive barker directed the original hellraiser, a complete cult film derived from his screenplay attached to one of his stories. Although the same cube with a smaller number of possible geometries the pursuit of ultimate pleasure on the verge of absolute suffering Take a man to meet hellish creatures who literally tear him to pieces. Taking advantage of an amorous relationship with his sister-in-law, he persuades her to become a serial killer: the man tries to start again with a few drops of his girlfriend’s blood to be resurrected in a new body and avoid eternal punishment,

In modern revision In Barker’s writings the Cenobites appear more as a Horrible version of the genie in the lampSet to fulfill the wishes of a hedonistic billionaire who will claim the “ultimate gift” after reaching a certain number of human sacrifices. Mysterious cube at the center of eventsNow it’s capable of being refined into incredible geometric transformations, but History that revolves around somnolence, gains more momentum from the moment Riley and her friends find themselves at the rich man’s mansion and the events become more apparent. A It should have been more attractive on re-readingWhile here’s a looser script based on Barker’s original idea, as well hellish creatures they have been revised and corrected on a grand scale, staying ahead as ever Pinhead – “Priest” (played by the good Jamie Clayton).

Grand-Guignol lovers’ mouths will be almost dryThose who have dreamed of re-watching the imaginative torture for years will be faced with it prematurely, only in the final bars and with a much higher bloodshed level. The story of the wonderful magic of the cube itself turns out to be scarywhere the blade that suddenly emerges claiming blood if it collides with a cenobite wreaks havoc like a common mortal (and in this case we see the only complete devastation of the victim in the entire film). latent rhythm and excessive length Which extends the story to 121 minutes, undermining much of the second part’s appeal, arguably its best and liveliest due to the presence of the Cenobites. Everything else is boring.

a long and painful pregnancy

The idea to restart the franchise has been around since 2006.when the same clive barker announced via his official website that he would be writing the screenplay. the following year it was decided that the management would Julian Maury And Alexandre Bustillo, giving rise to the first problem over the script, now deemed unsatisfactory, not by Barker but by the directors themselves. the script changed hands Marcus Dunston And Patrick Melton he is in it 2008 was directed to pascal logierthen walked away from the project due to its overly serious approach while production was focusing on more commercial work.

during 2010 Other proposals have been submitted by Christian E. Christiansen, Corey Goodman and screenwriting by the duo Josh Stolberg And peter goldfinger, In the same year Christiansen was listed as a potential director, while it was rumored Amber Heard Will be the hero. Then there was the official announcement that Patrick Lussier And Todd Farmer They will direct and write respectively. The story would differ from the original story in that Lussier and Farmer held Barker’s work in high regard, and decided to focus on the cube and the monstrous world inside it. In 2011 abandonment of both and in 2014 New announcement from Barker Which he himself will direct and write and that too Doug Bradley He will return as Pinhead. After drafting for a year, Barker described the film as a loose remake of the original, and stated that he could not direct.

another period comes Stagnation till March 2017When the barkers He returned to talk about the film and the script he had given to the production company Dimension years earlier. after the success of the sequel Halloween Did 2018The Miramax Films confirmed interest in raising hellraiser, Lussier and Farmer elaborate myriad ideas During the making of the project, which also includes a prequel William Fichtner as PinheadWhile in another proposal this provision was made pinhead was a woman,

Theaters and home video rooms closed…

The decision not to release in theaters is understandable considering the end result (It’s available on Sky here), except for the world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas last September, and a screening at Beyond Fest in Santa Monica, California a month later.

that’s why the film it had no home video distribution in all but Great Britainwhere was he Released on DVD only(!), choice that has essentially conditioned enthusiasts, forced Tap the Pirate Market To retrieve the film with better technical quality.

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