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about 30 people,mostly Eighty-fourth technical secondary school studentscity ​​government “Xochitlán” by Vicente Suárezyes Affected by the hepatitis A epidemicAccording to reports from residents and parents.formal Neither the City Council nor the Board of Health has established a public position on the matter.

According to sources consulted, The National Health Secretariat has introduced health measures in different educational institutions The seat of the municipal government; in It is speculated that the source of infection followed the popular festival held on September 15th.on this night of celebration A cry for independence.

at that celebration They handed out tacos and various Mexican snacks, as well as flavored water, which is believed to have been the source of infection for about 30 people.mostly from its technical secondary schools.

Implementation by health personnel Various protocols have been put in place and sanitary fencing has been erected to stop the spread of the diseaseapart from the fact that they have been executed Meetings are held in different educational centers in municipal districts to inform the public about health measures Reduce infection.

When parents of middle school students who have tested positive for the virus were consulted, they said His school is where most of the incidents took place.“Perhaps the kitchen utensils used in preparing or distributing food were not cleaned properly,” they noted.

Regarding this middle school, it is understood that in the previous cycle, 142 students enrolled (78 females and 64 males)the largest group is 56 in the first year, 53 in the second year, 33 in the third year.Added again this year 160 students, After arrival In the first year, 61 students were enrolled. According to some unofficial sources consulted.It is worth noting that No other educational institutions have reported cases of infection.

Until the end of this edition, The Board of Health and City Council have yet to comment on the matter.

based on information from World Health Organization (WHO)this Hepatitis A is an inflammation of the liver This may result in Moderate to severe morbidity, To whom the virus is transmitted Ingestion of contaminated water or food or direct contact with an infected person; Nearly all patients fully recover and gain lifelong immunity. despite this, A very small number of infected people may die from fulminant hepatitis.

Risk of contracting viruses Hepatitis Pattern (HAV) and Lack of safe water and poor hygiene and sanitationas Hands are dirty or contaminateds.this Hepatitis A can be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine.

This reporter contacted different departments of the Ministry of Health in the region. Not all responded, and those who did asked that the request be put in writing, including obtaining the contact number of the person responsible for the social communication area of ​​the Ministry of Health.In this way, the request passes National Transparency Platformthe same as the split allocation 211200723000965.

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