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She’s not just a member of the Kardashian family. Kendall Jenner she is also one of the most sought after models of all time. She recently became a global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris: American Vogue she told how she takes care of herself in everyday life, come on beauty tips to activities that make you feel good. Among them there is no shortage of references to her signature manicure, basic skin care steps, contact with nature and the practice of taking cold water baths. Discover them here.

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Tips: Keep Skin Care Simple

“Since recovering from acne, I’ve taken a less-is-more approach,” she said. Kendall Jenner To American Vogue talking about skin care. The model, in fact, has always maintained a simple routine: “I just cleanse my face (with a cleanser, ed.), apply a little toner, and then moisturize (with an emollient, ed.) before bed. It wasn’t anything super crazy because I didn’t want to bother my skin any more—it’s always been so sensitive.” So over the past two years, he’s started experimenting a little with serums and creams: “I honestly really like it,” he said. Her evening routine is also very simple: after cleansing, she uses a very light retinol lotion and (again) moisturizer: “Nothing fancy here either; I think I’m a little traumatized by using too many products because when I was younger I used a lot of them.”

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty and Health Tips: Change Your Fitness

“I like change. A physiotherapist once told me that the best thing you can do for your body is to trick it, so it’s important not to get too irritable when exercising. If you do the same thing every morning, your body will start to get used to it, so you will have to cheat it by doing other things,” Kendall Jenner’s opinion on fitness. Over the course of a week, the pattern changes from day to day, from education from strength training in the gym to horse riding, from Pilates to boxing. It also makes you less bored.

Kendall Jenner’s wellness rituals: cold water baths and communion with nature

“My favorite thing at the moment is ice water baths: I try to do them every day, even if it’s not always easy.” Kylie Jenner’s sister said American Vogue love practice cold divethat is, immerse yourself in cold water: this can be done at home by filling the bathtub with water and ice in a ratio of 3 to 1. What else? Many doctors and spiritual mentors have told me about connecting with nature and how we all miss being exposed to it,” continued Kendall, who has been trying to get outdoors more and more lately. “I left my phone at home (and stuff like that) and walked around with a film camera; it was really good. I highly recommend it to everyone,” he added.

Self-Help According to Kendall Jenner: Favorite Self-Help Books

The supermodel and new L’Oreal Paris ambassador loves to read. When well-being and literature meet, the result is self help books. Kendall Jenner has compiled a list of her favorites: among them are Limitless soul AND Surrender Experiment Michael Singer’s is probably his favorite book. Again, depending on the genre: Many Lives, Many Masters Brian Weiss – “I don’t know if this technically counts as a self-help book, but I could read it 40 million times,” he said of it -; Cleo Wade with Heart talka mixture of poetry and self-help, The Road Less Traveled M. Scott Peck and All about love: New visions bell hooks. “I literally could go on,” Kendall concluded.

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Tips: Signature Nail Polish and Lipstick

Kendall Jenner also had the opportunity to reveal her beauty choice favorites between nail polishes and lipsticks. At the time of the interview, the model had a sunflower manicure, but “in terms of signature, the nail polish that I’ve used over the years and really love is OPI’s nude shade. It’s very pretty, very sheer and natural, and it’s one of my favorites when I need to have clean nails.” The secret to her lip makeup is long-lasting liquid lipstick from L’Oreal Paris.

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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick, lasts up to 16 hours, breakfast in bed 105

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OPI OPI Nail Polish, Samoan Sand, Nude Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish, Samoan Sand, Nude Nail Polish

OPI OPI Nail Polish, Samoan Sand, Nude Nail Polish

Kendall Jenner’s Advice: Her Secret to a Life Well Lived

In closing, Kendall Jenner tried to sum up what she has learned so far and who she would like to be: “Obviously, life will be life. He will do his thing and he will have good moments and bad or difficult moments. I think staying positive through all of this is probably the best thing and I’m still getting used to it. I found that when I was younger, I had a more negative mindset: I always want to see the glass half full.”

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