her husband Sam Asgari appears to be about to file for divorce after alleged infidelity

Sam Asgari, according to TMZ sources, would have decided to file for divorce after falling out with wife Britney Spears over alleged infidelity.

Britney Spears: Her husband Sam Asghari appears to be asking for a divorce after alleged infidelity

Sam Asgari seems about to submit documents to request divorce and dissolve your marriage Britney Spears.
The actor, according to TMZ sources, also accused his wife of cheating.

couple problems

An American site reported on Britney Spears’ imminent divorce, claiming that Sam Asghari would have had a tough confrontation with his wife about a week ago to talk about the alleged betrayal. A quarrel broke out between them, and the actor decided to leave home forever, finding a new home.
At this point, Asghari has not submitted paperwork for divorce, a choice that would still be “inevitable.”

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TMZ has previously reported on rumors related to issues that have existed between the couple for several months. Sam would have spent a lot of time away from Britney by now. In addition, the two spouses quarreled very often, and Britney physically attacked her husband several times during heated clashes.
Later, Sam got into a lot of trouble due to his wife’s unpredictable and out of control behavior when he defended her in public, but felt a lot of frustration in the situation.

Asgari would have signed a prenuptial agreement, but it looks like lawyers will have to find an economic agreement.

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