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And these are just suggestions, because even philosophy and art are full of references that make us dwell on those items that are not quite “fresh from the factory”. the trends of 2023 that make us think again about this feeling, about the dust of Fante, about the “gap” as about the poetics of the dissonant sounds of a jazz jam session, playing “wrong” notes compared to generally accepted expectations. Under the direction of Sebastiano Deva, this year he created an installation at 5vie called “Silent Hollows”, created as a tribute to Mother Nature using a combination of 3D printing and handcrafting. The result: crater-shaped mirrors, technology and craftsmanship born. Another example is Duccio Maria Gambi for Bitossi, who created five formal, sculpture-like elements using ceramic fragments. His work is based on a process of regeneration and sustainability that combines traditional craftsmanship with new forms of experimentation. His collaboration with Bitossi Ceramiche at Salone del Mobile 2023 explores and interprets a series of modules, strengthening the connection between Bitossi’s historical past and its future, full of different shades and shapes, like a piece. Galerie Philia organized a collective exhibition called “Desecralized” in the desecrated church of San Vittore ai 40 Martiri. In this exhibition, artists mainly use marble as a raw material and create works of art that have an unfinished yet charming look. The artists process the marble by hand, leaving the work of art in an unfinished state. This means that the sculptures and objects still have signs and traces of the manufacturing process, but it is this imperfection that gives them their unique charm. Finally, young designer Cosma Frascina continues to showcase his hand-forged limestone pieces and furnishings, leaving the material alive and unfinished. These pieces promote a new aesthetic that is already becoming coveted by collectors. But there is also the manufacturing world that has been fascinated by this trend. For example, Antoniolupi produced a shell with fringed edges, designed by Paolo Ulian. An initial mistake, but it turned out to be decisively successful. The taste for ruins also touched Gufram, who collaborated with Snarkitecture to create the SCULPTED SERIES, in which each item is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, from a block of polyurethane foam to a concrete-like texture.

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