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The biopic of Elvis, the disturbing atmospheres of Black Phone and the poignant Bones and All are among the main news of next March of Sky and NOW.


Elvis Of Baz Luhrmannthe highly successful Elvis Presley biopic, is one of many titles arriving next March, when the disturbing Black phone with Ethan Hawke and the touching Bones and All by Guadagnino. As it is possible to notice even from these three titles alone, a varied offer clearly emerges that ranges between many different genres and, as you will understand in the course of this article, we are talking about an aspect that seems to distinguish all the new arrivals of next month, among which we point out the presence of some historical sagas such as Ghostbusters And Karate Kid, which will also include their latest chapters. If what has been anticipated has not intrigued you, we invite you to continue reading, because it will be difficult for you to find what is right for you.

Elvis (Sky Cinema Uno, 13 March 2023)

Baz Luhrmann conducts an exciting biopic centered around the great Elvis Presleyplayed by an amazing Austin Butler. As we wrote in the Elvis review, the film manages not only to paint a lively and engaging picture of the well-known artist, but also captures the atmosphere of the time, giving us a glimpse into the music industry of the period.

The final result is therefore more than satisfactory, and thanks also to an apt direction and a convincing writing, Elvis it will hardly disappoint you, especially if you want to delve into the figure of this extraordinary artist who has marked the world of music.

Black Phone (Sky Cinema Uno, 16 March 2023)

In our Black Phone review we underlined how, despite the flaws, the film was able to achieve its goal, offering several thrills and an absolutely convincing atmosphere. The whole enhanced by the excellent performance of Ethan Hawkeand by the convincing direction of Scott Derrickson.

As for the plot, this revolves around the kidnapping of the young man Finney Shaw (Mason Thames), locked up in a basement by a fearsome criminal, for an anxious story that manages to involve keeping the spectator in suspense until the end.

Bones and All (Sky Cinema Uno, 27 March 2023)

In the Bones and All review, we had highlighted the large capacity of Luca Guadagnino to capture the sensations and emotions of the youth universe, through two great protagonists who, also thanks to their interpreters, were credible and fascinating.

The relationship between Maren (Taylor Russell) And Lee (Timothee Chalamet), based on the novel of the same name by Camille DeAngelisit proved a journey full of emotions, in which we learn to know the two protagonists, for a story embellished by the umpteenth excellent performance of Guadagnino as director. If you love the genre, or simply want to enjoy a well-made film full of emotions, Bones and All it is definitely for you.

All first visions arriving on Sky and NOW in March 2023

A shadow over the truth (Sky Cinema Due, 1 March 2023)
Simon (Jeremy Renier) and Helene Sandberg (Berenice Bejo) put the cellar of their home up for sale, and when this is purchased by Fonzic (Francois Cluzet) everything seems to be going right. Unfortunately, however, the couple underestimated the intentions of the man, who not only decides to live in the cellar, but tries to break the family balance that the former owners have painstakingly built, in a thriller directed by Philippe Le Guay.

Infinite Storm (Sky Cinema Uno, March 3, 2023)
Naomi Watts plays climber Pam Bales, who, after a sudden blizzard, tries to resist and survive the extreme climatic conditions to which it will be subjected, also trying to help another hiker stuck in the blizzard. Infinite Storm is inspired by a true story, and if you love survival drama it could be for you.

Living (Sky Cinema Due, 4 March 2023)
We are in London in the 1950s, where Williams (Bill Nighy), following a worrying diagnosis, decides to abandon the monotony of his job as an employee to experiment with new experiences. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s filmLiving offers a reinterpretation of the original film, leading us to follow an engaging story focused above all on the emotions of its protagonist.

Kimi – Someone listening (Sky Cinema Uno, 6 March 2023)
Steven Soderbergh directs a drama film set in Seattle during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we follow Angela Childs (Zoë Kravitz), computer scientist who suffers from agoraphobia. She the latter discovers a voice file concerning a murder, and will therefore be forced to face her fears to bring the truth to light, in a path full of pitfalls and obstacles.

American Night (Sky Cinema Uno, March 7, 2023)
Michael Ruby (Emile Hirsch) has recently headed the New York mafia, and despite the job, he wants at all costs to continue to feed his love for art. In pursuing his passion, Michael will meet the merchant John Kaplan (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), and the two, despite belonging to two completely different worlds, will embark on a path that will lead them to help each other to achieve their goals.

Close (Sky Cinema Due, 9 March 2023)
Thirteen-year-olds Léo and Rémi have been inseparable friends for some time, but the affection they often show among themselves makes their peers suspicious. After some provocations and jokes, one of the two decides to avoid the other to interrupt the gossip, and their friendship will therefore risk falling at a crossroads linked to a superficial society that gives too much weight to appearances.

The Last Son (Sky Cinema Uno, 12 March 2023)
Film directed by Tim Sutton that takes us to the 19th century in Andalusia, where we follow the outlaw Isaac LeMay (Sam Worthington). The man wants to do everything to break the curse that seems to haunt him, but on his journey he will have to deal with the sheriff Solomon (Thomas Jane), in an escape that seems to leave few alternatives.

Dakota (Sky Cinema Family, March 14, 2023)
Sergeant CJ Malcom (Tim Rozon) decides to take care of Dakota, the fighting dog of one of his companions who was killed at war. Initially CJ’s goal is to bring the animal back to his friend’s family, but a relationship of trust and friendship will be born between the two that will change their lives.

Phantom Night (Sky Cinema Due, 18 March 2023)
Tarek is ready to spend a Saturday night smoking and playing video games, but his prospects are turned upside down after meeting a local policeman. The man indeed will force the young man to get into the carand during the night the boy will see the true dark face of the city, in a journey which, as we wrote in the review of Notte Fantasma, draws strength from the excellent interpretation of the two protagonists.

Almost an Orphan (Sky Cinema Uno, 20 March 2023)
Valentino and Costanza run a successful design business, but if their talent is beyond question, as far as man’s private life is concerned, there is no shortage of secretsand over time the truth will inexorably come to the surface, putting the entrepreneur’s reputation at risk.

Agent Game (Sky Cinema Uno, March 22, 2023)
Harris (Dermot Mulroney) is a CIA agent who is accused of killing an alleged perpetrator during an interrogationbut the story, as the hours go by, will become increasingly difficult to interpret, while officer Olsen (Mel Gibson) will try to find out the truth.

Never Give Up (Sky Cinema Uno, 25 March 2023)
The incredible story of athlete Kurt Warner, past from working in a supermarket to starring in American footballlives again in this film directed by Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, for an exciting story that demonstrates how stubbornness can change a person’s life.

At the End of the World – The True Story of James Brooke (Sky Cinema Due, 26 March 2023)
The explorer James Brooke (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) sets out for Borneo to explore and study the area, but once there, he will make a decision that will change his life forever, in a film directed by Michael Haussman.

Call Jane (Sky Cinema Due, 28 March 2023)
Joy (Elizabeth Banks) is a woman who after becoming pregnant for the second time could risk her life in giving birth to the newborn. The story, being set in the 60s highlights the difficulties a woman had to face in order to have an abortionin a story that deals with a topic as delicate as it is important.

War – The Desired War (Sky Cinema Uno, 29 March 2023)
Tom (Edward Leo) And Leah (Miriam Leone) are two people with very different temperaments, and their first meeting immediately leads them to clash. Despite this, their destinies could cross again, and this time it won’t be just their lives at stake.

Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Tablet (Sky Cinema Family, 30 March 2023)
After stumbling upon an ancient sarcophagus, the explorer Taddeo accidentally unleashes an ancient curse which threatens all who are dear to him. For this, our protagonist will have to try to remedy the accident, in an animated film suitable for the whole family.

All other films arriving on Sky and NOW in March 2023

If you have read our review of The Hunter by Michael Ciminoand you want to recover this great classic of cinema, know that starting from March 5th you can do it thanks to Sky, for a film that will open next month in the best possible way. For those who want to enjoy an excellent thriller capable of keeping you glued to the screen, we recommend reading the Zodiac review by David Fincherwhich will be broadcast from March 13th.

Moving on to Italian cinema, if the review of Smetto quando voglio: Ad Honorem has intrigued you, and you want to catch up on the entire trilogy, know that you can watch it on Sky from March 10th. And always remaining on the subject of sagas, from March 25th will be made available all Ghostbusters moviesincluding the last chapter (have you read our review of Ghostbusters Legacy?), while from March 29th you can look after yourself the entire Karate Kid saga, including the 2010 reboot, which we covered in The Karate Kid review. Considering the main arrivals just described, March confirms the excellent offer in the cinema sector by Sky And NOWthanks also to the presence of some unforgettable sagas that have marked the world of cinema.

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