Till Death, the review: if Megan Fox ends up in Gerald’s game

The review of Till Death: the thriller-horror with Megan Fox, just released on home video by Midnight Factory, recalls the situation of the film based on the novel by Stephen King, but with more dynamism, violence and blood. But also with too many far-fetched situations.

Till Death, the review: if Megan Fox ends up in Gerald's game

Unfortunately, the chronicles are full of feminicides and given what sadly daily reality offers, it is difficult to be surprised at the aberration of which a man can be capable of towards a woman. But the plan devised by a husband to take revenge on his wife in Till Death it is truly one of the perverse and diabolical ones. Thanks to the home video release by Plaion Pictures, the film released in the United States in 2021 directed by newcomer SK Dale is now also available in Italy.


Till Death: Eoin Macken and Megan Fox in a scene from the film

As we will see in this review, the thriller-horror that has the absolute protagonist Megan Foxis a mix of genres between survival and revenge and in its development recalls the atmospheres and tension of Gerald’s game, the film based on the novel by Stephen King. Even if the story actually develops here in a decidedly more dynamic way. Perhaps even too considered the situation, making more than a few sequences too far-fetched.

A chilling wedding anniversary


Till Death: Megan Fox in a scene from the film

In Till Death the focus is immediately on the tormented relationship between the spouses Emma (Megan Fox) and Mark (Eoin Macken). She is depressed and is cheating on him with an employee of her husband but has just decided to break off the extra-marital relationship, he is a successful lawyer who, to recover a relationship that no longer works as it used to, proposes her to celebrate the anniversary of the ten years of marriage in a surprising way: he gives her a necklace and takes her to an isolated house on a lake, a special place for the couple who once lived there happy hours.


Till Death: Megan Fox in a scene from the film

Here, after spending a hot night, Emma wakes up in a traumatic way: not only does her husband next to her in bed kill himself in front of her eyes, but then she even discovers that she is handcuffed to him. It will be the beginning of a nightmare, because Emma will discover that she is at the center of a terrible revenge concocted by Mark, a plan that will involve her lover and also two criminals (one of whom is the stalker of which the woman fell victim years earlier, played by Callan Mulvey) looking for diamonds locked up in a safe.

Blood, tension and a twisted revenge


Till Death: Megan Fox and Callan Mulvey in a scene from the film

A perverse and twisted plan of vendetta of a man who begins with his own death, an uninhibited crescendo of violence and blood, a disheveled Megan Fox who drags her husband’s corpse with her and fights with the strength of desperation for her survival against two somewhat psychopathic criminals: there are all the ingredients for a compelling horror thriller or at least good entertainment for lovers of the genre, without too many frills or psychological ambitions, if not that of the strength of a woman who in the desperate struggle for survival wants to defeat all the male oppression that he lived in his life. And indeed the film has a good pace, there is a satisfying sense of tension, a lot of physicality, and some scenes have their own reason thanks to some rather studied shots. In short Till Death row, certainly not boring and find out how Megan Fox will manage to escape it is a curiosity that never fails. However, even if a horror certainly doesn’t have to shine for realisticity, here it exaggerates a bit.


Till Death: Megan Fox and Callan Mulvey in a scene from the film

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At the festival of the improbable


Till Death: Megan Fox in a scene from the film

In fact, the problem is that the script of Till Death (signed by Jason Carvey) is full of absurd and improbable situations, as well as inconsistencies in spades. This walking around the stairs, rooms and even in the snow around the house handcuffed to a corpse, incredibly does not affect the beauty, the makeup but above all the physical resistance of the beautiful Megan. Then that this discrete uproar takes place without the two criminals who are looking for it in the house realizing it for quite a while, is frankly a bit too much. This is just to mention just one aspect of the many that leave some perplexity, such as the ending, which after a few enthralling sequences on the frozen lake, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. But, it bears repeating, as an entertainment product the film works quite well. Just don’t create false expectations.

Blu-ray: good video but the strong point is the audio. There is also a booklet

Till Bd

As mentioned, Till Death is now available thanks to the home video release of Plaion Pictures, which also presents the film in high definition for the Midnight Classic series with the classic briefcase. The blu-ray presents a good quality video, which manages to handle well the white of ice and snow and the more animated sequences, with a fairly compact picture and a nice lively chroma. In some darker scenes, however, slight smudges must be recorded, as well as hints of bands on some background. The audio is more convincing, a DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 for both Italian and English which offers good involvement, with adequate and punctual support from all the speakers in reproducing the environmental effects, and an effective contribution from the sub during some thud, gunshots and in the most eventful scenes. In the extras we find only the trailer, but in the package there is also the usual in-depth booklet.


In conclusion of the Till Death review, it should be recognized that SK Dale’s horror-thriller lives on a good tension, with the desperate situation of a woman who finds herself handcuffed to her husband’s corpse and at the mercy of her diabolical plan for revenge. However, the screenplay has some inconsistencies and frankly a little absurd moments, which obviously weigh on the final judgement.

Because we like it

  • A state of constant tension and a situation reminiscent of Gerald’s Game.
  • A good crescendo of violence and blood.
  • Some shots are well constructed.

What’s wrong

  • There are too many far-fetched situations in the film.
  • Given the starting condition of the woman, the dynamism of the story is excessive.

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