Here’s how Checo Perez’s father responds to news from Mexico from those who criticize him as Luis Miguel’s spokesperson

mexico city. – Antonio Perez Garibe, father Sergio “Checo” Perez, responded to criticism of its support Luis Miguel.

Perez Garibhai has been the target of ridicule for supporting the singer and controversy has swirled around him since his return to the stage.

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during an interview “Happiness is Coming” ProgramPérez Garibay declares that he doesn’t mind criticism and comparisons with other celebrities.

In addition, he stated that he would continue to defend the his friendship with luis miguel Regardless of negative reviews.

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“No, not at all, because they told me the same thing, I was czech new father and tom cruise’s father, if you understand me? Then no, it’s okay.”

Luis Miguel already has someone to speak for him

Pérez Garibhai emphasized that Luis Miguel had never had anyone speak on his behalf before and that he was willing to speak to those who had positive and negative opinions about the singer.

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The big problem with Luis Miguel is that no one ever speaks for him, today I can speak, if anyone wants to say good or bad, I can talk to them happily,” he declared.

Finally, the politician and businessman reiterated that he offers rewards to those who claim that Luis Miguel used a double in his concerts.

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“Like the people who said there were doubles. Maybe Mitch won’t get them, but I did get them, put me in that it’s not so we can go to the notary, we bet, I’ll take care of Mitch accepting test,” he said.

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