Here’s the new medical report of the two minors rescued in the Oro River in Bucaramanga

Two minors were rescued from the waters of the Oro River near Jose Antonio Garlan in Bucaramanga last Tuesday and are still receiving professional medical attention after being swept away by currents.

The St. Louis Clinic confirmed around noon on Wednesday, Aug. 23, that one of the children remained in critical condition in the pediatric ICU, while his brother was doing well.

“The minor was admitted to the hospital with a cardiac arrest and was intubated in the emergency room. He’s in pretty bad shape from a hemodynamic, respiratory and neurological standpoint,” the St. Louis clinic’s medical director told the Herald.

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In addition to the above, according to studies conducted by doctors, the child also develops moderate cerebral hypoxia (when not enough oxygen reaches the brain).

As for the other child under the age of eight, his situation is encouraging and satisfactory.

“He was treated in the emergency department and then transferred to intensive care and showed good changes. Last night, he was extubated because he was already showing signs of spontaneous ventilation and he struggled with intubation, So the intubation was removed. He was alert, conscious and did show signs of aspiration pneumonia, but he was arguably much more stable and even tolerated oral principles,” the medical center added.

The twin brothers arrived at the facility last Tuesday between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. One of them was first taken to Geelong Hospital.


According to their relatives, the two twin brothers were washing flip-flops on the banks of the Oro River.

“At noon, we were at a nearby community luncheon and heard the screams of children being swept away by the river. It is said that they were washing their flip-flops and often fell into the current, which was washed out by the rain.” A family member of the children said.

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Deputy Lisseth Peña, member of Ponalsar, assured a timely response as she and other members of the team were on the ground to support victims of flooding of the Oro River due to 2019 rains. Early Tuesday morning.

“We heard screams from people in the community and we went to deal with the emergency and the little kids were dragged almost a kilometer up in the current and we managed to find them, some rocks stopped them and we rescued them there , ” said the Deputy Commissioner.

The brothers were resuscitated as they traveled by ambulance to the St. Louis Clinic, and specialists managed to save his life when they arrived at the medical center. He is in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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