“Here’s the thing…”: Revisiting the moment when Emily Blunt sang a musical apology to Chris Martin for ignoring his email about A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt, the ever-glamorous actress, has found her place in Hollywood. She strengthened her position after her stunning performance in The Devil Wears Prada. The actress has given us some of the most promising roles in history. The actress also gave us one of her best performances to date in A Quiet Place. It was directed by her husband John Krasinski. As the director’s wife, Blunt received a message from Chris Martin interested in working on A Quiet Place, but unfortunately Blunt did not respond. But Blunt did apologize to Martin. In 2020, Emily Blunt apologized to Chris Martin for missing his message in musical form on The Ellen Show.

Revisiting the moment Emily Blunt gave Chris Martin a musical apology

Emily Blunt dedicated a song to Chris Martin, apologizing for turning down his offer to star in her and husband John Krasinski’s film A Quiet Place. John Krasinski accused his wife of not responding after Martin recently told Ellen DeGeneres that he approached the celebrity couple about directing a musical for the award-winning film.

The actress added that she offered a nationwide apology to the musician. “Chris, I love you; I have always done this and always will. And I’m really sorry. It’s a huge sacrifice for me because I hate singing for other people, so it’s a sacrifice for Chris Martin.”

She launched into the chorus of her song dedicated to the father of two, inspired by Coldplay’s hit My Place. She continued: “Chris, how long have you been waiting for me? Chris, my husband threw me under the bus.”

Why did Emily Blunt apologize to Chris Martin?

Chris Martin joked, prompting DeGeneres and musician Nick Jonas to join in on the charade. “What have you done, Emily?!?” In her 2020 appearance with Ellen DeGeneres, the British actress addressed the gaffe, saying she simply didn’t respond to the Coldplay frontman’s email.

She teased Martin: “So Chris, here’s the thing: I was shocked when I saw your interview on the Ellen show because I realized I’m not the best texter in general. So, I know what happened and he emailed us this very cute and funny video of him spoofing A Quiet Place: The Musical, which I watched at 11pm next to John as we were getting ready to go to bed. “Oh, it’s simple; this is so funny,” I thought. I’ll answer in the morning. I forgot to answer this morning.

The Devil Wears Prada actress went on to say that she felt like she left it too late because so much time passed between reading the singer’s email and remembering that she didn’t respond. She said: “The British have a tendency to gloss over problems and pretend they never existed. At that point, I just cut Chris Martin out of my life. Now I really regret it because I have to admit that it was harmful.”

Meanwhile, Emily Blunt was last seen in the film Hustlers, released recently, and before that, she was seen in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, released on July 21, 2023.

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