Heroes of Youth on a mural in front of the Cavour High School

A colorful and cheerful mural on the outer wall of the Cavour di Minerbio High School in Via Zamboni. The artist is Elvis Mambo Pregnolato and the idea for the image and project was born from the consultation of young people with the desire to present greeting in a small dimension, that is, in high school, in order to move on to a wider and more distant one from attending a gymnasium outside the country.

“After many years, we all have memories of a great photo, and the wall is a hypothetical staged classroom that features characters who have become famous through the development of various talents,” says Mayor Roberta Bonori. – The Council has developed a questionnaire. which was handed down by teachers and involved about 100 boys and girls aged 10 to 13. The results were analyzed and used as a starting point for character selection.” The results were unexpected and ranged from sports icons to TV series icons, from music idols to characters from the manga and animated films genre.

The characters featured are Princess Mononoke, rapper Bebe Vio, Millie Bobby Brown (11 of Stranger Things), Goku, and Kobe Bryant. The mayor concludes, “This image also represents a welcome greeting for those who enter, and a welcome and good luck for those who exit.”

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