“He’s a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio” – Delay

Peace has returned to the life of Bianca Balti, or so it appears: the top model, who recently revealed herself by revealing painful episodes of her past, may have found love again. lucky person? it will be about Haley NahmadOne of the world’s richest art collectors and close friend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bianca Balti has found a new love: She’s DiCaprio’s friend

Enjoying the summer with her family, as she has been showing on Instagram these days, Bianca Balti seems to have found love again, after a series of turbulent stories that marked her past. The clues are few even if not really well hidden – and have not escaped the eyes of the most attentive observers.

In fact, the supermodel has published some over the past few weeks “Suspicious” photo on his profile (Last just a few days ago) that tells there is someone special in his life. it will be about Haley NahmadOne of the world’s richest art collectors and handsome friend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

The first photos together date from two weeks ago: the model attended the wedding of the brother of his new girlfriend, Joseph Nahmad. However, so far nothing strange: in the carousel of party photos, Bianca appears next to The Collector, but no reference to a relationship appears apparent. However, it was enough to take a look at the comments to understand that There may actually be some tenderness between the two.

Indeed, two “compromising” sentences appeared in support of the post: the first was Victoria Ceretti, Balti’s supermodel friend, who immediately heart-underlined “Photo 8,” in which Bianca appears next to Nahmad. In confirmation came another comment, from his friend Valentina Micettiwho wrote: “But both of you?,

Among other things, the two were seen a few days after the wedding at a famous club in Forte dei Marmi and it seems that there was also a Leonardo DicaprioA very dear friend of the art collector. Last shots of the bucket on holidays to remove any doubtWho put together a decidedly candid picture of herself with her family: Actually, Bianca had become immortal while kissing that person. The shot did not escape his followers, who collectively commented: “Who’s the lucky one?”

Who Is Haley Nahmad, Bianca Balti’s New Flame?

Hailey Nahmad, born in 1978, is part of one of the richest Jewish families in the world. American art dealer and collector, owns Haley Nahmad GalleryThe Manhattan Art Gallery exhibits works by artists such as Pablo Picasso.

He became interested in art from a very young age and along with his brother inaugurated the Nahmad Contemporary Gallery. Among his properties is an entire floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan, purchased for over $18 million. The collector has always been very private about his personal life and little or nothing is known about his emotional state: we only know that as of 2008 he was in a relationship with a Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros,

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