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Rome – A surge in viewership for Wimbledon on Sky Sports has decimated the Berrettini population and kept Italian sports glued to the TV. The match between the Roman tennis player and world number one Carlos Alcaraz drew an average of 516,000 spectators, 1 million 477 thousand unique contacts and 3.6% sharewith 717,000 average viewers and a 4.4% share.

Sky Sports viewership record

This is the best experience ever to listen to a tennis match on Sky Sportsexcept the finals. Overall, Monday Live Appointments averaged 275,000 viewers About 1 million 500 thousand unique viewers, Today another Italian Jannik Sinner will take the field and – live on Sky Sport – at 15.30 he will challenge Russian Roman Safiullin. In the days of Sky Sport Tennis Former German champion Boris Becker will be the guest in Sky’s Wimbledon studio on Wednesday and Sunday.

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