“His death was a shock”: the tragedy of the famous island

island of famous, shocking news
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Immense desolation after an unexpected death: In The Island of the Famous, he might not have expected it.

End island of fameback to talk about unexpected death Which took all the operators in the region by surprise.

In the world of entertainment and especially in the corridors of Mediaset, it is still hard to believe what happened, right at a time when no one would have expected it.

And, in the meantime, they continue to remember what his death meant and to report anecdotes that highlight his great goodness away from the limelight.

famous island shocking news

The news of Silvio Berlusconi’s death took everyone by surprise, and for a whole week Mediaset decided to change the program. The semifinals of the latest edition of the day of the disappearance of the founder of the Colenzo Monzes network island of fame, but the exiles were forced to postpone everything until a few days later. Alvin, sent to Honduras, takes on the responsibility of spreading the news of Berlusconi’s death to all of L’Isola’s competitors, but only one of them is able to do so. burst into tears,

Helena Prestes had already sparked controversy when, during the first episode of the Canal 5 reality show, she asked Ilari Blasi how Silvio Berlusconi was doing. Many were surprised by that question and the Brazilian model’s interest in the former prime minister’s health conditions. Back in Italy, Prestes explained the reason that prompted him to ask that question on live TV, regardless of the audience’s reaction.

Helena Prestes reacts to the death of Silvio Berlusconi
Reaction to the death of Helena Prestes, Silvio Berlusconi_metropolinotizzi

Helena Prestes, shocking news

Helena Prestes, a guest on the radio program Non Succedera Piu hosted by Giada De Micheli, described what happened when Alvin reached her and the other shipwrecked announced Berlusconi’s disappearance. ,it was a shock when he died, I didn’t know him, it was sad too because an incident happened that day – remembering the former fugitive -. I didn’t cry just because, I was upset about a lot of things. I’d love to know her.”

“Before leaving Carlo (Mota, her boyfriend, Ed) showed me a documentary about him and he was an extraordinary person – said Helena. I’m a big dreamer, I want to know all the important people. I know Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West. Upon news of the death, the model revealed that she had distanced herself from the group, saying: “I wanted to meet him! I can’t believe it! What bad news! The whole of Italy will be sad”.

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