Irama & Rakomi, Taylor Swift, PJ Harvey: Records of the week

Pop, rap, rock, alternative: there really is something for all tastes on New Music Friday next Friday, July 7. Record season may be coming to an end, but there’s still time for some big releases. Like Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” the third chapter of the record-breaking pop star’s self-rediscovery and self-update operation from her own catalog, launched two years ago. Or the joint album of Irama and Rakomi, which opens the dance for another season. And then the return of PJ Harvey, who hasn’t released an album of unreleased songs for seven years: the alternative rock diva returns to claim what’s hers. Here are previews of the most important records coming out this week.

Taylor Swift – “Speak Up Now (Taylor’s Version)”

Taylor Swift’s past self-rediscovery and self-realization operation, she signed with her first label, Big Machine Records, in 2005 (when she was just 15) after the termination of her contract clause, which allowed her to pursue her work. stopped from With his records back in his hands, he resumes with a “Taylor version” of “Speak Now”.

Starting with the release of “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” in the spring of 2021 and continuing with “Red (Taylor’s Version)” in the autumn of the same year, operations since the release of “Midnights” last October was stopped. “, the unreleased album with which the American singer-songwriter established herself as the new queen of international pop. “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” is a remastered and revised version of the singer-songwriter’s third album, released in 2010. Came In: It contains the same songs as the album from thirteen years earlier, but re-recorded and reinterpreted, and a few bonus tracks. Among the latter, a duet with Paramore’s Hayley Williams on “Castle Crumbling” and “Electric Touch”, a duet with Fall Out Boy.

PJ Harvey – “I’m Dying Inside Old Years”

“I Inside the Old Year Dying” is PJ Harvey’s first unreleased album in seven years. The 53-year-old alternative rock diva returns with a record that is the result of a long and arduous period, inspired by the collection of poems “Orlam”. Twelve tracks, born of studio sessions with his longtime collaborators John Parish and Flood (real name Mark Ellis, icons of alternative rock across the channel, already with U2, Depeche Mode, The Charlatans and so on), reference in Includes Shakespeare to the Bible and watch PJ Harvey raise his personal bar even higher, now with his tenth unreleased album in a career spanning thirty-five years. In addition to the title track, the single “A Child’s Question, August” anticipated it.

Dominic Fike – “Sunburn”

Many things have happened in Dominik Fike’s career in the three years since the release of debut album “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”.

In 2021, Paul McCartney wants the 27-year-old American singer-songwriter who exploded onto SoundCloud and last year British magazine New Musical Express included him among the guests of their “McCartney” new artists to watch. III Imagined”: A new version of “The Kiss of Venus” has been recorded with former Beatle Dominic Fike. However, in 2022, Sam Levinson selected him as the male lead for the second season of the event series “Euphoria”. in which he played Elliot. “Sunburn”, Fike’s second album of unreleased songs, was preceded by the single “Dancing in the Courthouse”, which was produced by – and co-signed by – Kid Harpoon, who was already on the Billboard Hot 100. was behind Harry Styles’ hits: the disc features fourteen songs whose words, according to Dominic Fike, “speak of despair in love and regret, addictions, sex and jealousy”, with which the singer-songwriter has become one of alternative pop’s most influential figures in recent years. Let’s try to assert ourselves as one of the heroes.

Irama & Rakomi – “No Tension”

It is the first album they recorded together and will be released on 7 July. As reported, the new project sees the two artists “test themselves in search of new stimuli and inspirations.” It is much more than the sum of the talents of its two creators: it is a journey into a rich and limitless sonic universe, which extends beyond the current musical session and geographical, mental or temporal barriers, exploring sounds from around the world and All Ages”. Anticipated by the single “Hollywood”, we’ll see if it really lives up to the expectations.

Shadow – “Differently Sad”

The disc, to be released on 7 July, represents a new chapter in Shade’s artistic journey, bringing together a long phase of musical research in this work, evidenced by his ever-evolving style, which is a The bar has once again been able to present a new way to the public. Explain rap, without giving up the experiment. “This is a collection of experiences that I have lived and wanted to narrate, from the most dramatic episodes to the funniest and craziest. A project that is not just a collection of songs, but a real journey created to leave something behind in the listener,” he said.

Anohni – “My back was a bridge for you to cross”

The singer-songwriter describes the creative process that led to her new project, her first album since 2016’s acclaimed “Hopelessness,” as whole, but inspired, joyful and intimate, a renewal and reflection of her response to the world. redefines. Check it out. With this album, Anohni’s approach shifted from challenging global disapproval to trying to support others on the front lines.

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