Hollywood strike helps Italian cinema

Venice Film Festival Italian films were always broadcast here, but no more than three. Lagoon Screens counted six local performances this year, the most in 25 years, and a choice that matters. all particularly ambitious films, whose budgets exceed 7 million euros – a figure that, until about ten years ago, was considered very high for Made in Italy productions. Italian films have changed a lot since the pandemic and today, to catch up, they are seeking to attract new type of viewer. With the increase in government donations allocated to films, productions in our country have gradually become larger, and today many of them are intended to reach a wider audience, as well as work abroad. From this point of view, films have been made whose genres have historically not been within the scope of Italian cinema, which in recent years has instead opened up to war narratives, fantasy or detective films, while maintaining high technical standards – in accordance with the successes. like Gomorrahwhich were highly appreciated abroad.

Why is Hollywood on strike?

To this favorable period for Italian cinema we can add: expectations of higher incomes, This is helped by less competition in theaters for great American films. Yes, because few films will be released in America in the next few months due to Hollywood writers’ strike, to which a section of actors was added a little over a month ago. Ongoing problems arise because unions and associations representing major production studios cannot agree on two issues that are considered very important in the industry: the first concerns payments and better conditions, especially in relation to so-called “residues”. or me compensation arising from copyright for the reuse of works – which has changed greatly with the proliferation of streaming platforms; the second is instead related to regulationuse of artificial intelligence in industry. Among the consequences of this unrest is a reduction in the number of films and TV series produced in America and distributed around the world.

Revenge of Italian films in Venice

The Venice Film Festival is the first major international film industry event since the strikes began actors and screenwriters: Given its implications for the destruction of American films, and the fact that there are numerous ambitious Italian films in competition, the Venice event could pave the way for a favorable season for films made in Italy. This way, Italian films could have more space to promote and have a permanent presence in cinemas. great earning opportunities – especially if they are as ambitious as those presented in Venice. Moreover, the effects of the strikes (which don’t look like they will end any time soon) will reverberate at least until the end of 2024 – hence, even within the next year we will see a decrease in the number of American films and TV series, as well as a decrease in the number of American films and TV series. During this period, Italian cinema could try to make itself known more.

Which American films have postponed their release date?

The distribution of Italian films in our country and abroad struggles to compete with American ones, which have much higher budgets and can use actors and actresses known throughout the world. As a result of the strikes that caused delays throughout the chainStudios have already pushed back the release dates of films that received widespread media coverage, such as Dunes 2, with Timothée Chalamet Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim (spin-off Lord of the Rings). He also found himself in this spiral ContendersLuca Guadagnino’s film with Zendaya, which was supposed to open the Venice Film Festival: an Italian film was inserted instead, Commander Edoardo De Angelis with Pierfrancesco Favino as a submarine commander during World War II. Even if the two films will obviously compete in different championships, it is a coincidence that in some way demonstrates the place that Italian cinema occupies and will occupy in the coming months.

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