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Johnny Depp It’s not just movies: the actor, as many of you know, has been pursuing a satisfying career in the music world for a few years now with the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, formed with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. However, a minor injury will keep our Johnny from performing on stage for the next few weeks!

Depp, who will soon direct a film about Amedeo Modigliani, has indeed suffered a loss. ankle fracture Which would essentially force him to suspend his activity as a live musician for the time being, as the actor himself told his fans through a post on Instagram.

,It started out as a very minor crackle, but then things got worse instead of better during Cannes. More than one doctor has strongly advised me avoid all activities at this time, so it is no longer possible for me to travelreads Depp’s post, then grabs the post that appears on Depp’s official profile Hollywood Vampires who informed of the postponement of the next tour dates, underlining how their guitaristdevastated by the turn of eventsAnd Best is aiming to return for the European dates of the tour. Music and injuries aside, during Cannes Johnny Depp spoke of his alleged boycott of Hollywood.

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