The dispute between Fedez and Siffredi: denials, accusations and verbal conflicts on social media

The controversy ignited with Siffredi’s refusal to participate in the Fedz podcast, sparking a war of words between the two artists.

recently there was a dispute between rocco siffredi And Fedez has sparked heated debate in the entertainment world. It all started with Siffredi’s refusal to appear on the Fedz podcast,”wild Bunch”, which generated a public confrontation between the two artists.

However, Siffredi is not the only person to have declined the invitation. Fedez, things got interesting when the rapper criticized the actor for requesting compensation for participating in the podcast. This criticism of Fedez led to a series of heated exchanges of words between the two protagonists.

However, Siffredi was quick to respond to Fedez’s accusations. during an interview with momagThe actor responded to the rapper’s allegations, arguing that Fedez himself adopts the same behavior when he is hosted.

Siffredi said Fedez accepted free hospitality, but asked him to pay for his trip. The actor criticized the rapper’s behaviour, accusing him of taking advantage of his fame to get benefits without spending a single penny.

It’s not yet clear when or if Fedez will respond to Siffredi’s words, but fans are eagerly waiting for a possible update via his Instagram Stories.

Despite the controversy, Fedez seems to have other projects in mind for his podcast, including interviews with international stars like Blink-182, Mia Khalifa, Travis Scott, and even Elon Musk…

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