Home remedies for cough: natural infusions and syrups

A dry cough can be uncomfortable And bothersome, people often seek relief through natural remedies. that’s why, Infusions or syrups containing natural ingredients They are used as a home remedy to combat the dry cough that remains after an infection such as the flu, coronavirus, or the common cold, which is a common occurrence this time of year.

ginger, For example, there are anti-inflammatory properties And can relieve throat irritation.Brew fresh ginger slices in hot water and add if needed A little honey can soothe your throat.

Infusion to relieve cough

Some of the most commonly used are infusion cardamom.Cardamom has been used in traditional medicine Fights cough, bronchitis, asthma and tonsillitis, because its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it a powerful natural expectorant. In fact, according to the Europa Press news agency, black cardamom is a source of powerful bioactive substances that may be used to treat or prevent this cancer.

he is also famous ginger tea Because it has anti-inflammatory properties and can Relieve throat irritation. Soak fresh ginger slices in hot water and add a little honey if needed to soothe your throat.

on the other hand, A thyme infusion Can help fight dry cough, due to its antibacterial and expectorant properties. We can prepare this infusion by boiling some dried thyme leaves and adding honey.

Don’t forget that licorice has throat-soothing properties. Licorice infusion Can help reduce irritation and relieve dry coughs.

natural cough syrup

  • Honey and lemon syrup. Honey is known for its throat soothing and cough relieving properties. Mix honey with fresh lemon juice to relieve pain.
  • Elderberry syrup. Elderberry is known for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Boil elderberries with water and sweeten with honey to make a syrup that can help relieve coughs.
  • eucalyptus syrup. Eucalyptus has expectorant and decongestant properties. Boiling eucalyptus leaves in water, straining and mixing with honey can help relieve coughs.

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