Shaquille O’Neal pleads with Hulk Hogan to save him from Michael Jordan after Bulls game against Orlando Magic (1995)

A rookie named Shaquille O’Neal took advantage of the vacuum left by the then-retired Michael Jordan to dominate the NBA. Then, his magnanimity Upon his return he quickly adapted to the new players on the scene.The Bulls and other teams came up with some drastic tactics to stop big diesel engine. After struggling with “Hack-a-Shaq” all season long, O’Neal is ready to call in an expert to help him fight Jordan.

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In the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals, the then-up-and-coming Orlando Magic faced the three-time champion Chicago Bulls.Leading the opponent is black cat, Just retired.according to sports illustrated What made Shaq tremble even more back then was the “hacker group” composed of Luke Longley, Will Perdue and Bill Wennington.

Playing against them in the second game led to his most emotional plea. “Hulk (Hogan), I need you, man.“, Shaquille O’Neal said after Game 1.


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Shaq and Hulk Hogan have been friends for decades. The year before Jordan returned, Shaq was ringside at Hogan’s match with Ric Flair. He even showed off the wrestler’s signature fashion in photos with him. But this time he didn’t come to Shaq’s rescue.

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Regardless, Shaq proved who was more dominant in Game 3. Orlando ended the series 4-2 and eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs. They didn’t win, but O’Neal still gloated that he was part of the last team to beat a Jordan-led team in the playoffs. Just as O’Neal was afraid of going against his idol, Jordan was afraid of it.

Michael Jordan acknowledges Shaquille O’Neal


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In 1995, Jordan had more on his mind than just being rusty from his first retirement. That also includes going against a 7-foot-1 rookie. “When I came back from the ballpark – I don’t know if I ever told anyone – I was playing against Shaq. “Shaq, the biggest player I’ve ever seen,” Jordan said on the record.

He admitted that he was “A little scared” O’Neal leads the NBA with 29.3 points per game. He defeated the Bulls on his way to the Finals, ultimately losing the title to the Houston Rockets.

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Of course, Michael Jordan and the Bulls returned to dominance over the next three seasons, and it was only after Jordan semi-retired that he won his first championship.


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O’Neal didn’t win a championship for Orlando, but he made Orlando look like a top contender after beating Jordan himself. As such, he is the first player in Orlando Magic history to rise to the rafters.From the rookie era to defeating his magnanimity With his jersey retired, Shaq and the Orlando Magic remain a history-making duo.

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