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Every time we have an important meeting, we must prepare the best suit and tie that matches the chosen outfit. However, when tying such a small garment, the knotting is very complicated and takes several minutes.Today I will share with you A foolproof trick So you can solve this problem in just 5 seconds.

Ties are an ideal complement to an outfit, especially for weddings, work meetings, and other events. However, many people have trouble tying small clothes and waste minutes of time.

If we buy a classic tie that matches our outfit but try and fail to tie it, we begin to fall into despair, especially if we have enough time. Given this, what many people do is replace these strips with other strips that have already been “made”, or simply attend the invitation without clothes.

How to tie a classic tie in 5 seconds

So that you don’t have to deal with this problem anymore, I’m going to share with you a foolproof technique that doesn’t require the help of elements. It only takes 5 seconds to see the results.

  • Spread the classic tie over one of your arms so that the wide part is visible
  • Use your other hand to turn the strip three times.
  • Of the three small bars formed, focus on the middle one
  • Run your fingers through the first strip and pull on the middle strip
  • Tie in seconds and tie is ready to use

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